The Top 3 TikTok Updates That Should Be on Your Radar Right Now

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In 2022, TikTok had 672 million downloads globally, making it the number-one app of the year. We only imagine that number will continue to multiply since TikTok has become an influential app that clients and audiences love to use. As the app continues to grow and take over the social media world, TikTok continues to […]

The Evolution Of The Social Media Manager

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Have you ever looked at your favorite brand’s social media page and wondered who is behind it? Who or what is responsible for creating and uploading all the content we see daily from our favorite brands? The truth is, it is most likely a talented individual who has strategized, created and managed the social media […]

New Year, New Strategies: 4 Tactics To Leave in 2022

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2023 is finally here! Which means public relations agencies everywhere are refreshing their strategies with new and improved tactics. Too often, however, do outdated tasks get rolled in year over year, simply because “it’s the way it’s always been”. This year, we’re challenging you to think differently. Here are some trends and tactics that we […]

Position Your Brand as a Leader in 2023 By Jumping on These 4 Trends

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As 2022 is wrapping up, businesses are beginning to craft their communications strategies for the year to come. Anticipating trends in the market is the key to appealing to the most audiences possible. It also helps you to position your brand as a leader in your space. Here are some trends that we as a […]

Everything PR Pros Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

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In the past year, publicists have witnessed the continued rise of the integration between marketing and public relations. The most significant proof of this continued overlap between the two fields is the prevalent use of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has now become one of the most effective tools that a public relations marketing agency can […]

3 Tips for Campaign Success

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Any good, strong PR strategy includes compelling campaigns. Campaigns are just one of many public relations tactics and typically center around an event, product launch, or any other type of promotion. They bring brand awareness, increase engagement, and help you reach new audiences. Keep these 3 tips in mind for your next campaign to ensure […]

3 Signs That It’s Time To Hire a Social Media Agency

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Any Los Angeles social media agency will tell you there are some major telltale signs when it’s time for a company to outsource their content management. If your company doesn’t think social media matters or has much to offer, think again. We understand that part of the fun of starting a business is doing all […]

Why You Need a PR Agency

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What does a PR agency do? As a small to midsize business, do you really need one? Here are a few big reasons why you need a public relations agency to help your brand.   Brand Awareness For any business, brand awareness is everything. Recent statistics show that there are 32.5 million small businesses in […]

The Top Tech Trade Shows of 2023

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Brands in the technology industry looking to scale their business will be ready to show up, network, learn, and explore at the top tech trade shows of 2023. There’s no better place to catch up on the latest trends, meet experts in the field, and see what your competition is up to.    Mark your […]

Top Beauty Trade Shows To Be At in 2023

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If you’re a beauty brand looking to scale your business or reach new audiences, the top beauty trade shows in 2023 are an excellent place to be. As a public relations firm based in Los Angeles, we know a thing or two about hot events and networking opportunities. These top beauty trade shows provide opportunities […]