Meet the Team: Spring 2024 Interns!

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Let us introduce you to our Spring 2024 interns! Interns at BLND play a major role in aiding the success of the team. A boutique public relations agency, like BLND, is forever growing and changing. An internship at BLND is a great way to engage yourself in PR and learn from the best in LA.  […]

Prepping For A Content Shoot: A Social Media Agency’s TOP Tips

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Content shoots are SO exciting when building a client’s social media presence.  But in order to have a successful shoot, our team has to be on their A-Game!  Building the right team, creating a great shot list, and doing plenty of research will make or break your content shoot.  As a social media agency, these […]

What To Look For In Influencers: From a Social Media PR Firm

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As our digital landscape continues to grow, it is no secret that every brand should be sourcing influencers to promote their brand or product. If you don’t already, you might be falling behind. If you’re looking to start, however, choosing the right influencers for your brand is absolutely critical. Whether you are a one man […]

Finding Your Speciality At A Boutique Public Relations Agency

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Boutique public relation firms are an excellent way to get hands-on learning in different specialities within Public Relations.  Of course even all of the best boutique PR agenies are different, but at BLND, we offer three main services: traditional PR (media relations), social media, and influencer marketing. Each speciality has overlapping skill sets, but it’s […]

Tapping Into Travel: Pitch Writing Tips From a Lifestyle PR Agency

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Tapping into the travel industry is not just for travel PR agencies.  As a lifestyle PR agency, we love to tap into the travel sphere to find new communities that connect with our brands! Even though not all of our clients are directly part of the travel industry, how can we tap into travel and […]

Unlocking Success: A BLND Intern’s Tips for Landing a LA PR Agency Internship

LA PR Agency

In today’s competitive job market, securing an internship for an LA PR Agency, social media, or marketing internship can be a game-changer for your career. These fields demand a unique set of skills and experiences, making it crucial for aspiring interns to stand out. Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you score […]

5 Social Media Trends That All Brands Should Be Implementing Right Now

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Welcome to the world of social media, where change is not just consistent – it’s the life of the party! As the masters of all things trendy at a boutique public relations agency, we have mastered the art of staying ahead in this ever-changing realm of social media. The only thing that stays the same […]

Making the Most of Short-Form Content: Lifestyle PR Agency Edition

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When PR agencies are tasked with creating content, short-form content is going to be a huge component of your work.  On top of being savvy video editors, we have to be in-tune with current trends and understand what actually resonates with users. It’s important to understand what would best represent our client but also resonate […]

Valentine’s Day 2024 PR Tips

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February is just around the corner, which means it’s time for brands to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. As a lifestyle PR firm, every year we help our clients come up with creative, out-of-the-box ideas for the holiday. With so many brands doing the same thing, it’s essential your plan has a unique spin that […]

What’s ‘In’ and ‘Out’ in 2024: Boutique PR Firm Edition

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Now that the holiday lights are coming down and the New Year confetti is cleaned up, it’s time to get back to work and think about what’s going to be big in 2024. As a boutique PR firm in Los Angeles, we always keep a strong pulse on the trends. From the ‘cozy cardio’ craze […]