• Difference Between CBD Beauty PR + Traditional Beauty PR?

    Beauty’s obsession with CBD is just beginning! CBD is becoming the hottest ingredient in beauty, making its appearance in different types of skin care, color cosmetics, wellness supplements, and even makeup! CBD beauty brands are attracting customers with these products with promises they will promote relaxation, act as an anti-inflammatory…

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  • Ways to Measure PR Impact

    Public relations is a crucial component of every successful business. However, not everyone is familiar with what it is, let alone how to tell if it is “working.” Companies spending thousands on public relations may be wondering how to measure its success in a specific industry. While it can be…

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  • New York

    What Big City Consumers Look for in Brands

    From brands in Los Angeles to brands in New York, consumers are getting picker and picker with the brands they are shopping. Consumers’ attention spans are shortening while their expectations of brands are growing. People are looking for connections between them and the brands they shop while keeping in mind…

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  • CBD public relations

    CBD and Haircare

    2019 is the year of CBD and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. From CBD public relations to CBD skincare, it has broken into nearly every industry. CBD hair products are now taking the lead in the health and beauty industry and many well-known brands are expanding…

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  • Beauty PR in New York City

    The beauty industry has been on the rise recently, especially in cities like New York. New York PR Agencies are working hard to cover some of the top local beauty brands, and are absolutely crushing it. Below are 3 of the top brands beauty PR firms in New York are…

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  • How to Have the Perfect Los Angeles Staycation

    Everyone wants to get away from time to time but not everyone has the luxury to take time off to go on their dream vacation every summer. Luckily, living in Los Angeles means it is very easy to create your own “staycation”. Los Angeles may have great weather year round,…

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  • press coverage

    How to Get Your Brand Some Serious Press Coverage

    Virtually every single business can use a boost to its public profile and with the right public relations tactics, it is totally possible. Our public relations experts here at BLND created 5 tips to help your brand get some serious press coverage! Create a Story, not an Advertisement Magazines aren’t…

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  • new york city

    Brands That Are Killing It in New York City

    New York City is known to many as a city of “new beginnings.” Aside from our own “new beginning” (BLND PR just opened in NYC!), New York is also the home of many brands that are the firsts of their kind. They set the stage for new waves of innovation…

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  • BLND PR’s Summer Sunscreen Essentials

    Summer is here, which calls for sunny skies, warm weather, and long days spent at the beach. From Los Angeles to New York, sunscreen is an absolute must-have this season. When it comes to sun protection, there are two types of rays that cause damage: UVB and UVA. SPF primarily…

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  • public relations

    Want To Start A Career in PR? Here’s How

    Most people have a preconceived idea that the public relations industry is easy and laid-back, when it’s actually one of the most fast-paced environments. In reality, PR positions are getting more and more competitive. If you are interested in getting your foot in the door of the world of public…

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