3 Signs That It’s Time To Hire a Social Media Agency

Los Angeles social media agency

Any Los Angeles social media agency will tell you there are some major telltale signs when it’s time for a company to outsource their content management. If your company doesn’t think social media matters or has much to offer, think again.

We understand that part of the fun of starting a business is doing all the things: sourcing, managing, hiring, designing, and yes social media too. But, eventually, business owners and executives need to become more selective with the tasks they keep on their plate. Letting go of jobs that you simply don’t have the capacity or expertise to be doing, is crucial to the life of any business. 

Here’s how to know when it’s time to hire a social media agency to manage your communications.


Your Posting Schedule is Inconsistent

The algorithms of social platforms are constantly changing but it still rings true that consistency matters. If you run your company’s social media accounts but are posting inconsistently, the performance of the account will take a hit. An irregular posting rhythm also confuses viewers, making your brand appear less legitimate or polished. An external agency has the scheduling tools to keep your content calendar flowing.


There’s No Theme to Your Aesthetic

If the coloring, lighting and overall look of your posts varies too greatly, this creates a chaotic feeling in your content. A social media team will know how to establish key messaging and branding, and then align the aesthetic of your posts with that. A brand aesthetic helps build trust with your followers and shows them they can come to rely on the type of content you’ll be putting out.


Engagement is Low

A huge red flag that it’s time to hire some help is if your social engagement is low. Regardless of what your company’s exact KPIs are, there should always be a steady stream of engagement in some way. Struggling to get a response from your social followers is a sign that trouble is ahead. Bring on a team of experts who know what to look for and how to help.

In summary, starting a business is an exciting time and watching it grow is even more fun. However, if you’re doing all the jobs all of the time, your company is probably not operating up to its full potential. Make room in your busy calendar to handle the jobs that you’re best at by hiring an agency or external team to do what they do best.


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