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4 Things You Can Do to Job Search Proactively

Job searching is difficult. It’s a tedious and exhausting process that not many people like to go through. With an abundance of job search sites, requirements and applications, the process can be discouraging. It’s important to have a plan to keep the process as simple and efficient as possible. Here are 4 things you can do to stay on top of the job search process:

1. Informational Interviews – Research places you’d like to work at, people you’d want to work with, and those experienced in your career and goals. With this, find contacts you can reach out to and ask if they could spare 15-20 minutes of their day to talk to you. By talking to professionals in your field of interest, you can gain a better understanding of expectations, the work environment, what you can expect and more. Talking with professionals can build your network and get your foot in the door. Prior to the interview, prepare a set of questions to ask and do research on who you’ll be talking to – this will help to make sure your interview is helpful and efficient.

2. Set Aside Time to Search – There are a plethora of ways to find job listings – LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and company websites to name a few. To maximize the efficiency of your job search, take at least 30 minutes every day to look through listings. Save the ones you’re interested in and write down when the application deadline is. This way, you can organize what you need to apply for, the materials needed, and when they’re due by. This will guarantee that you apply to as many places as possible!

3. Network – According to experts, 70 percent of job listings never even get posted – think about all the jobs you are missing out on! This is where networking plays a role; by expanding your network of professionals and people you are connected with, you can find out about jobs that are not advertised online. This works in your favor – you can find out about jobs that other people may not know about. On top of that, having a connection or referral within a company is always a positive. Taking the time to do informational interviews and attend network events regularly will help you to build your network; being diligent with your connections will definitely pay off.

4. Know What You’re Looking For – Lastly, it’s important to know what it is that you’re looking to do. This will help narrow down the search and give you a clear path on what opportunities you should be seeking. Knowing what it is that you want to do will tell you where you should be looking, who you should be talking to, and even what you should be asking about. Having a sense of direction will make the stressful process much simpler.

We know that job searching can be hard, but it’s important to not be discouraged! We hope these tips help you ease through the process and keep you productive – best of luck!

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