Creating On-Brand and Powerful Key Messages

boutique public relations firm

If there is one thing that we know as a boutique public relations firm, it’s that a business will struggle if it doesn’t have a strong brand story. Without brand identity and a great story, everything else can suffer. Consumers buy the story and relations behind a brand. With so many companies selling their version of the same product, creating a well-developed brand messaging strategy that emotionally engages and educates consumers is the key  to standing out from the competition. Here are 5 tips from our boutique public relations firm to help you create powerful key messages for your brand:


Solidify Your Brand Story

Your story should form a core part of your brand messaging strategy. There is a story behind every brand, but a great story told well will help consumers connect emotionally. If you’re unsure of how to say it, ask yourself questions like:

  • Why does my product exist?
  • How did it come to be?
  • What does it mean to my customers?
  • What does my business or product mean to me?


Determine Your Audience

Figure out who you’re marketing to and what their values are. Determining your audience makes it easier to create consistent messaging, as you know what resonates with them. 


Establish A Clear Goal

Consumers are increasingly more socially-conscious, taking note of brands that strive to give back. Find a cause that you care about that ties into your core brand messaging. Brand’s that can successfully voice that they are about something beyond making money and selling their product can take messaging and overall brand success to the next level.


Remain Consistent

Once you’ve established your brand message and story, stick with it! Even if it’s something as small as redesigning your logo, constant change makes a brand unrecognizable. Presenting your brand consistently to the world will have consumers more inclined to remember and recognize your brand.


Always Be Direct

You’re not the only brand out there fighting for consumer attention. Don’t waste time writing long paragraphs of meaningless words with complicated language. Short, simple and straight to the point on-brand messaging will stand out from the competition while still promoting your message.


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