5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Blog Post

It seems like recently, almost everyone has become a blogger. People are constantly posting their opinions and reviews of different places, products, and services, and if you’d like to start blogging for your business, you may be wondering how can you make your blog stand apart from the rest. Luckily, the writing experts at our public relations agency has compiled a list of 5 guidelines for writing a perfect blog post.

Know Your Audience

Make sure to write posts that cater to your readers. Be educated on your target audience and do research on what topics they are interested in. This way, the content is relatable and easy to read, and readers will be engaged throughout the length of the post. Depending on the target group, certain word usage or jargon may be appropriate. Our public relations agency works to educate ourselves on our clients target audience and cater to their specific needs.

Original vs. Curated Content

First, lets define the difference between the two. Original content consists of anything that is written or produced by your company. You completely own this content. On the other hand, curated content is from an external source that you share with your audience. Both types have their specific benefits depending on your end goal. Original content cultivates deeper relationships with your audience and boosts credibility, while curated content develops new relationships and is cost efficient. At our public relations agency, we love creating original content for our clients.

Use of Images

Photos can better convey the overall emotion of the post, complement your headline, break up long portions of text, and allow readers to retain the information longer. Choose your photo carefully, and be sure it has a purpose. Many readers are visual and love to look at charts, graphs, or pictures. More often than not, readers will remember the image more than the specifics of the text.


This may be one of the most important aspects to a great blog post. Readers love to feel like they “know” who is behind the writing. Be willing to share personal stories, experiences, or excerpts with your audience. This way, they will feel connected to you and the content. Personalization makes the content more exciting to read because readers feel as though they can really relate to the writer.

Publish and Promote

After spending time carefully creating the perfect post, you want to be sure it successfully reaches your audience. Ensure your post has some sort of call to action. Think about what you want your readers to gain from the post, and what you want them to do after reading it. To reach your audience, you can post the link to your blog on several social media sites, include it in your writing portfolio (if applicable), and ask family/ friends to share it in order to gain a larger following.


Although a lot goes into creating the perfect blog post, these 5 guidelines will get you started on the right track. Our public relations agency have found these tips to be the most useful in blog writing. Best of luck and happy writing!

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