5 Types of PR Events Your Brand Needs

PR events

In our increasingly digital world today, your brand’s public image is more important than ever before. Every company or brand should be actively maintaining their public image in order to build a loyal community around their product or service. Here are 5 types of PR events that your brand or business needs.

Brand Activation – Brand activations aim to foster engagement and drive action. They can be in any creative form or more traditional campaigns and events. When preparing for a brand activation, ask these questions:

  • Who is your intended audience or consumer base?
  • Why does the consumer care about your product or service?
  • Why would the consumer choose to act based on your brand activation?
  • How would the consumer act?
  • How do you continue to drive consumer action even after the initial brand activation?

Make sure that your brand activation targets specific consumers that you wish to reach. It is also important for your company to strategize the activation so that it successfully drives action from the consumer base in addition to building awareness. Design the activation so that consumers can easily purchase your product or perform the intended action.

Product Launch – Product launches can come in all shapes and sizes. Think outside of the box for new creative and eye-catching ideas to launch your product. Press releases are the most traditional methods for product launches. These official statements issued to newspapers and media sources give a formal source of information that can be quoted and further spread throughout various platforms. Another traditional method for product launches includes live events. By physically presenting and speaking to experts and consumers in the field, your product will be sure to catch their attention.

Giveaways and contests have become an increasingly popular choice to launch products through the Internet. This method is beneficial for several reasons including its low cost, wide audience reach, and its success in driving action. Partnering with influencers and experts in the industry can also be very helpful because the reviews that they provide are candid and trustworthy to the public. Lastly, forms of creative media such as videos and infographics are important in the process of launching a product because they leave a lasting impact. Although the product launch phase may be over, the buzz and interest in your product should remain.

Media Tasting – Media tastings can be a great way to get your brand known to local influencers and media outlets. During the casual event, the attendees will not only have a chance to experience your product first-hand, but also participate in many other opportunities. Promote the event as well as your product to local newspapers and media outlets to drive awareness. Build lasting relationships with influencers and media outlets in order for them to help promote your product in the long run. Hold silent auctions or giveaways by partnering with complementary brands in order to cross into their consumer bases. Offer exclusive opportunities for attendees in order to encourage them to promote and consume your product.

Press Preview – Although there are many new forms of media platforms that are successful and popular, traditional press remains one of the most powerful means to reach consumers because of its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Giving traditional press exclusive content and features may advance your brand more than any other platform. Additionally, press previews can attract much more than traditional media outlets. It is a great opportunity to find sponsors for your brand and to mingle with individuals of similar industries. Not only can you present your brand in front of the top relevant media and press outlets, you can also engage in quality conversation and build lasting partnerships.

Speaking Engagement – As the owner of a reputable business, customers are interested in listening to what you have to say about the field and product. Participating in speaking engagements will not only strengthen your current consumer base, but also reach a wider audience to build a reputation for your business. Similar to other events such as press previews and media tastings, speaking engagements provide valuable networking opportunities as you are surrounded by individuals interested in your product or field.