5 Ways to Use Social Media for Good as a Business

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With the power to connect millions of users all over the world, social media has become a powerful tool in communications. In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have stepped up to the challenge and are using their platforms and capabilities to spread awareness and aid our frontline workers in the fight.

However, businesses can, and should, use social media for good not only during a crisis, but year round. Because of their platforms and widespread audiences, businesses can do amazing, charitable, and selfless things for society. From our social media agency to you, here are the top 5 ways to use social media for good. 


Partner with your favorite nonprofits 

Chances are, there is a nonprofit organization that you believe in that would benefit from the exposure to your business’s audience. Reach out to your favorite nonprofit and ask what they need help with the most. Whether it is recruiting volunteers, increasing donations, or simply raising awareness of their cause, you can use your social media platforms to spread the word of these nonprofits to help.


Stay connected to your communities 

Because of capabilities like commenting and direct messaging, it is easier than ever for businesses to stay connected to their audiences. Through actively engaging with and listening to your communities, you will learn about things that they are struggling with that you may not have been aware of before. Whether it is something as simple as a problem with your products, or something as big as food or housing insecurity, keeping an open ear to your communities will keep you connected and allow you to focus on what they need help with the most.


Organize local service projects 

A great way to do good through social media is to organize a local service project with your followers. Things like food drives, beach/road cleanups, or even participating in a local charity run are great ideas to engage with. Whether you are hosting your own event or participating in someone else’s, you will be able to harness and engage your business’s audience for a great cause. 


Share your Brand’s Story + Values

Chances are, your brand has a story behind its creation, as well as some values that you live by. Why not use that story and create a post about it to share with your followers? You can create a video, blog, or post that highlights your story and spreads awareness of your values. This creates a likeminded community that will be more likely to support your business in the long run. 


Raise awareness for a good cause

Social media is a great place to raise awareness for any cause. Choose a cause that aligns with your business’s values and create a campaign to promote it. Use photos, videos, and meaningful messaging to get others involved and inspired to help. Remember: keep content informational, interesting, and authentic to gain support.


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