Aspiring Women Who Inspire: Ashlyn Rowland

In this month’s Aspiring Women Who Inspire, we meet young entrepreneur Ashlyn Rowland. It’s evident she throws her heart, soul, and pretty much all of her time into her beautiful candle brand, Bare Candle Company. Please welcome Ashlyn to the blog!


Introduce yourself.

I am Ashlyn Rowland. An almost 20-year-old candle entrepreneur, college student, and pure workaholic. My average workday is from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep. Being an entrepreneur means so much more than owning a business. It is a way of life, a way of thinking, believing, and loving.


How did you get into your industry? Was this always where you saw yourself?

During my first year in business – under a different company – I realized something was missing. I was not loving what I was doing, creating, and working with. My first business was on Etsy, designing and printing custom coffee mugs and t-shirts. The process of applying the design onto the mug or shirt created a stinky, burning smell. I would use candles before and after production to help with the smell. I loved candles at that time, but I was constantly so busy that I had little time to do things I enjoyed. Shortly after, I had trouble finding the perfect scent/wax combination for me. I wanted a Lavender + Sandalwood candle but the only scents I liked were in paraffin wax (a petroleum by-product). In my kitchen, I started creating my own perfect scents in 100% soy wax. The rest is history.


From your experience, what are the three key factors or strategies for starting and establishing a brand?

Always keeps learning (podcasts, books, seminars,…), assign more time than you think you’ll need, have someone or several people you can bounce ideas off of, have great wisdom to share, or encourage you.


What’s an accomplishment you consider to be the most significant in your career so far?

Running Bare Candle Company full time and being a full-time college student has really taught me to take the most advantage of your time. The hours spent scrolling through social media, TV programs, going to sports games I do not even like – it all stopped. If it is not important; it is not where I want to invest my time.


What’s a failure that turned into a blessing?

Every failure is a lesson learned. One learns more from failure than from success. Failure teaches you what not to do next time. You just can not let failure let you down. You need failure to get to success. You can have failure, but do not let it win in your life. Keep pushing and trying for success.


Morning routine?

After I wake up, it takes me about 15-30 minutes to get to head to the studio. Once there, I start on emails and eat a quick breakfast at my desk.


Who’s an aspiring woman who inspires you?

My stepmother. She does not own the business she works in, but she kicks ass and does everything an entrepreneur would. There is hardly a time where she was not able to help me during my business struggles.


What’s one piece of career advice you’d give a young person looking to follow in your footsteps?

1) Do what you love and love what you do.

2) Do not over think.

3) Taking on too many things at once (such as too many variations, or different products,) can be mind-numbing. Focus on a niche or type/series of product(s) and stick to it.


When you’re not building your business, what can we find you doing?

Thinking about ways to build my brand more! Seriously, when I’m “off the clock” my mind is not. My brain hates turning off at night to sleep.


When I am off the clock, you can usually find me calling my dogs onto the couch to watch a thriller and get fur in my popcorn. We go for walks as long as my older dog, Luke, has had a good day with this joints and hip.


Rapid Fire

Three words that describe you? Self-motivated – Organized – Determination

Three products you can’t live without? 1) Alaska Glacial Mud’s Mud Mask (, 2) Cheeky Soap Maiden’s Pure Unscented Soap (, 3) House Plants

Dream collaboration? Bare Candle Company x Joanna Gaines

Trendy or classic? Classic

#1 place on your travel bucket list? Great Barrier Reef

Go to drink order? Water heavy with lemons

Favorite restaurant? Volcano Steak + Sushi

Where can people follow you? Instagram @barecandlecompany – Facebook @barecandlecompany – website