Beating the Work Day Blues

To keep ourselves inspired, our thoughts fresh, and our creativity flowing, it’s important that we listen to our bodies when they tell us it’s time for a little break. Thus, it’s necessary for all professionals to recharge their batteries without going M.I.A. for weeks at a time. As a full service PR  firm, we struggle between always being on the clock, while still feeling well rounded and able to produce fresh ideas.

So how do you find that happy medium? How do you get that refreshed feeling of a week-long vacation when you only have a few hours or days? Here are a few ways you can instantly regain balance and rejuvenate not only yourself, but also your work for your clients.

  1. Get moving.  It’s a common thing for publicists at a full service PR firm to get an overwhelming amount of exposure to technology. Staring at a screen for hours at a time can leave us feeling drained, droopy eyed, and antsy. It may seem like a bizarre idea to detach ourselves from the devices that connect us to the PR world; nonetheless, it is completely necessary. Each day, try to get up and get away from your devices (yes, including your personal smartphone) and go for a nice stroll. If you have an hour for lunch, split it in two halves. We know that coffee is probably every PR person’s favorite; however, at lunch time, spend one half of your hour refueling with food, and the other for walking around. Not only will taking a walk help clear your head, your body with thank you for it, too. Going for a short little walk can help decrease your blood pressure and sugar levels that will leave you feeling energized! Take that, coffee.
  2. Find happiness in hobbies. Doing things other than work-related activities can help get your creative juices flowing. When you participate in outside activities (i.e. yoga, cooking classes, DIY projects, etc.), you can then bring that creativity back to the work place. In a full service PR firm, the pressure to consistently innovative and full of new ideas is something we face everyday. As much as you love public relations, it’s just as important to find happiness and passion in other activities as well. It’s all about maintaining balance.
  3. Connect with others. If you did not enjoy talking and sharing ideas with others, then chances are you would not have chosen PR as your career. However, with the demanding schedule the PR world presents us with, it can be difficult to connect with the peers we have outside of work. It’s important to surround yourself with people you can have different conversations with. It is also nice to put our long list of to-dos on the backburner and discuss what our friends and family are doing in their careers and personal lives. On the other hand, sometimes we do need someone to talk to about our problems, and that’s okay too!

Something we always try to keep in mind that as individuals, we are all in charge of our own experiences. That’s why it is so important for even the busiest of the PR pros to find a time to relax and recharge. We promise, your mind, body, and work, will thank you for it!