Why Brands Should Use Instagram Live

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Many businesses have realized the potential for brand awareness using Instagram. However, mastering the tools of the platform will take your brand to the next level.  Posts and stories are great, but Instagram Live is a feature that few brands have fully taken advantage of. Through an engaging IG Live strategy, brands can connect with their audiences in a truly unique and effective way. While it can be more challenging to pull off, an IG Live strategy can really benefit your brand. Our social media agency has identified three important reasons why your brand should use IG Live.


Reason #1: It Establishes Authenticity 

Because it is live and interactive, Instagram live allows businesses to communicate directly to followers in a more authentic way than an in-post feed or pre-recorded story. Through product demonstrations, reviews, or behind the scenes, there are many different types of Instagram Lives that you can do to personally connect with your followers. Because there is no editing and no pausing, IG Live really allow brands to present their ideas and messaging in an honest way. Plus, it also allows you to show the brand personality and place a face to the business, adding a humanizing aspect to your feed.


Reason #2: It Increases Visibility

When you go live on Instagram, the video gets placed at the front of your follower’s highlight reel. This means that when your followers open the app, your livestream will be front and center of their home page, dramatically increases visibility compared to posts and stories that can get lost with all of the other accounts they follow. Additionally, your followers will get a notification when your account goes live, driving traffic and eyes to the stream. This gives your brand direct and increased visibility to your business page, increasing overall awareness for your brand. 

Reason #3: It Encourages Engagement 

Instagram Live allows your business profile to directly engage with your followers. The livestream creates the opportunity to have a two-way conversation between your business and your consumers. With features that allow users to comment in real-time, you can answer questions and talk to them personally. For both small and large businesses, this feature is huge for encouraging engagement and brand loyalty, as it makes more personal connections with your fans. 


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