Finding Your Speciality At A Boutique Public Relations Agency

best boutique public relations agencies

Boutique public relation firms are an excellent way to get hands-on learning in different specialities within Public Relations.  Of course even all of the best boutique PR agenies are different, but at BLND, we offer three main services: traditional PR (media relations), social media, and influencer marketing. Each speciality has overlapping skill sets, but it’s important to know what unique skills come with each one!  At the best boutique public relations agencies, everyone gets an opportunity to develop their skills in each speciality. But naturally, we each have a preference and strength for certain ones. So what would make someone gravitate towards more traditional PR (media relations)? 


Public Relations: Media Relations

Even though there’s an emphasis on social media within PR, it’s equally important that we balance our practices with traditional PR.  Media relations refers to our relationship to different journalists, news outlets, editors, etc.  Our relationship and communication with our media contacts will determine if a newspaper, news outlet, podcast will feature our brand to their audience.  Our job is to represent our brand and find a unique angle for an outlet to find interesting enough to pick it up.  This is a great speciality to develop especially if you’re proactive, up to date with news or trends, an efficient yet clever writer, and not afraid to connect with the press. Do you think you have what it takes to work in media relations? 


Skills for Media Relations

  1. Excellent research skills and keen attention to trends/news 
  2. Clever and creative writing skills 
  3. Great at building and maintaining professional relationships 


Social Media

Social media is a MUST at the best boutique public relations agencies. Considering how much time the average person spends on social media, it’s a great way to engage community and reach a wide audience.  Our job is to help companies showcase their brand image through content planning/creation, engaging with followers, and tracking engagement.  If you’re chronically online or you find yourself consuming social media, you’ve already hit one of the major functions within this speciality- staying up to date with trends. Social media is an in-demand speciality that requires us to be on top of trends, savvy with a camera, excellent with editing short-form content, and great at creative ideation. For anyone who loves being creative and can balance brand voice with their own creativity, then this speciality is well suited for you!


Skills for Media Relations

  1. Basic video and photo editing (CapCut, Inshot)
  2. Up to date on current trends
  3. Creative ideation for content and planning 


Influencer Marketing 

With any PR boutique agency, our goal is to connect clients to communities that build hype around their brand!  Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to achieve this because influencers build tight-knit communities and gain trust with their followers.  So what does it take for someone to be a pro at influencer marketing? Most importantly, we have to know how to handle a budget.  Every account has a different budget which affects what type of influencer we can work with.  Perhaps our account wants X amount of gifted versus paid.  From there, we need to strategize what influencers we can source for them.  Influencer marketing pros are also great at doing their research when sourcing influencers.  That means having a sharp eye for each influencer’s personal brand, type of content, engagement, demographics, and experience with branded content.  All of these factors can really make or break how your campaigns perform. 


Skills for Influencer Marketing

  1. Managing different budgets 
  2. Excellent research skills for sourcing 
  3. Pitching and negotiating 


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