BLND’S Top Picks For Best Social Media Tools

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As we all know, to achieve the best social media presence, you need a little help from some outside tools. The tools can be from managing your social media to editing your content. Whatever the case is, we know that we need the best social media tools to keep us to date on trends. So whether you enjoy creating content for TikTok or Instagram, as a social media public relations agency, we are here to give you the best tools to ensure your posts never go out of style! 


All social media applications will have the built in editing, but it does not hurt to use some external tools. Although TikTok and Instagram have the editing feature to use directly from the app, you might want some extra access to other tools. If you have access to macOS or iOS, you have access to the free iMovie application, which is known to be everyone’s go-to for editing videos! Get ready to have access to use all the basic features of video editing and access to templates. The application is perfect for those starting off with video editing or getting familiar with these types of tools. Not only do you have an excellent library of sounds, but you can also do voice-overs, which is everyone’s favorite to do! 



Sometimes we need to spice up our pictures as well. The best social media tool that has all in one features is PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector is a free app on both the Google and App Store that allows you to photo edit like never before! The application allows you to do the basic photo editing that you need, like adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows, etc. Or you can let your creativity flow by using the other notable features by adding in effects or even removing the background! It has all been made possible by the simplicity of the app.



In our blog post, Our 5 Favorite Social Media Agency Tools, we gave a quick introduction to what Gain. In summary, Gain allows you to manage all your posting for all your social media channels. Whether you want to post content on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, Gain allows you to schedule posts weeks in advance and allows you to have better organization of your content. Whether it is just you or your social media public relations agency team, you all have access to the postings on each channel! The best thing about Gain is the ability to create a content calendar and schedule posts all in one place! 


These are our top three favorite social media tools for 2022! Social media tools are the best way to allow you to step up your content game and social media management. Now that you have the best tools for social media, click here to learn more about social media management.