3 Ways Hotels can Incorporate Bloggers into their PR Plan

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A blogger pr plan can be huge for your brand right now. For many millennials, when they decide to plan a trip, the first thing they do is jump on their favorite blogs to see where those bloggers have stayed and what they did while on their vacation. As a Hospitality PR Firm in Los Angeles, we are seeing that the influence of these bloggers is more powerful than ever before and here to stay. Because of this, every hotel should consider and brainstorm with their team the most effective ways to incorporate influencer marketing into their blogger PR plan. Below we’ve listed three ways to integrate bloggers into your overall plan to help you achieve your marketing goals.

1. Staycations
Becoming more and more popular, staycations are a vacation that is spent in your home town. For hospitality PR Los Angeles we create a targeted list of bloggers, not only based in LA, but also the neighboring cities of Orange County, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. By inviting them to come stay at your hotel for the weekend, they will easily be able to organically share with their followers what a typical vacation would look like if they stayed with you. Added bonus – bloggers have a special talent for always finding the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots wherever they are, making it perfect to reshare on your own social media channels!

2. Cocktail tastings
For many hotels, the bar can be a main attraction for driving not only traffic from hotel guests, but also locals living in the surrounding area. If you have a unique bar with a wide range of cocktails we suggest hosting a blogger tasting! This is a great and effective method in a blogger pr plan to get local bloggers in the door; it’s hard to say no to free cocktails. During the event they will not only be able to share photos on social media of the tasting, but also put the hotel in front of a new audience that otherwise may not have considered stopping by for happy hour.  

3. Strategic Partnerships
A third way to incorporate influencer marketing into your hotel PR plan, is to look into potential strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. As hospitality PR Los Angeles, we would start by finding parallel brands that already have strong influencer relationships, for example a jewelry company that is looking to throw a new product launch preview event for their top bloggers. This is effective for a couple of different reasons: first it gets those bloggers inside the hotel that didn’t have a reason to visit before; and second, by encouraging them to add a location tag on all of their social media posts of the event you are putting the hotel in front of their millions of followers.

Image by: Brittani Lauren