5 Tips To Create An Outstanding Business Website

Your website is up and running, but maybe you are not getting the traffic that you expected. Or maybe you just want to grow it to a wider audience? As a boutique public relations agency dealing with many forms of media including websites and social media, we have put together the best tips for building the perfect website that will attract more potential clients.

  • Use SEO to your advantage

Sometimes, SEO can seem overwhelming. How do you stand out in pages and pages of search results? By keeping it small rather than going all out. Try to narrow down a specific search phrase that your audience uses, and become the king of it. For example, coming up first when searching “Boutique Public Relations Agency in Hermosa Beach, CA” is way easier than conquering the first three spots in “public relations agency.” By doing this, you attract the type of visitors that you are looking for, and can potentially turn them into customers.

  • Make your landing page pop

Getting your visitors to your page is only the first step. They can click and leave immediately, and no one wants a horrible bounce rate. Your landing page, aka, the first thing your visitors see, should be bold and to the point. Use this chance to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Maybe you have a sale or the launch of a new product. Go for it and highlight it on your landing page.

  • Have stellar content

The content that lives on your website has the power to turn away your visitors or to glue them to the computer’s screen. Create content that is inviting. You want to feel like you are talking to a person, not reading a textbook. Content should be recent. But, only publish when you have something to update or announce. Images, infographics, and videos are also eye-catching pieces of content.

  • Get creative with images

Speaking of images, only use relevant and high-quality images. You want to appeal to people’s attention with pleasing visuals. Try to stay away from stock photos or generic images. Invest in original images that show what your business is all about.

  • Make it about your visitors

In a sea of tips and website to-dos, it can be easy to forget about the user experience. While editing or building your website, you should always be thinking about your visitors. What do they want? What are they here for?  Research what they usually spend time on when visiting your website and make it more accessible. This could be a more visible link to your contact form, an easier to find navigation tab or quick access to their membership page.

It’s important for your business website to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. From a boutique public relations agency, it should also complement your social media strategy.