Brands That Are Killing It With Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the best tools brands can use to promote their products and services. Whether they are celebrities, macro-influencers, or micro-influencers, these highly-followed Instagram users have been able to make careers off of promoting brands, and brands are able to partner with these influencers to build their companies. In recent years, we have seen more of these influencer-promoted brands achieving success. Brands that use influencer marketing effectively are able to generate great ROI in their target audiences. 

Influencers are valuable to companies because of their ability to relate to their followers. This close relationship makes followers trust the recommendations of their favorite influencer, similar to the recommendation of a close friend. Being able to understand this relationship is crucial for brand success. To find out more, we did a deep dive on the following three brands who have mastered the art of influencer marketing. 


This online-only store seemed to go viral overnight. The retailer, which Fortune refers to as an “e-commerce powerhouse”, works with a revolving (pun-intended) set of influencers who proudly wear their clothes, promote the website, and reap the benefits. Additionally, since they create authentic opportunities for brand placement, Revolve has been very successful with influencers. Their infamous Revolve x Coachella party along with Revolve Summer trips, pool parties, and much more allow influencers to show up and dress up all for the promotion of the company. These events present the perfect photo-ops for influencers to share their curated looks with their followers. 


Similar to Revolve, Glossier has been able to situate itself as a top beauty brand in half a decade. Glossier’s influencer marketing focuses more on recruiting those with authentic engagement rather than just a high follower count. Additionally, Glossier’s diverse range of influencers focuses on the everyday woman’s experience with makeup and beauty. This type of organic content allows any social media user to be Glossier influencer. 


Finally, this seasonal subscription box service is known for its influencer marketing. Through partnerships with ex-bachelor and bachelorette contestants, mommy bloggers, actors, and models, FabFitFun content is nearly unavoidable. Additionally, their emphasis on video content allows influencers to go in-deep on the goodies in each season’s box. 


The success of these three brands can be replicated by almost any company out there. At BLND Public Relations, we specialize in connecting brands with potential influencers. 

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