5 Places to Find Coedo Beer in LA

coedo beer

Are you searching everywhere for your Coedo beer but not sure where in this big city to find it? Well look no further – as a Los Angeles Hospitality pr firm we found the 5 spots that sells the Japanese craft beer, Coedo. Coedo offers 5 types of beer with one of those being a sweet potato beer – yes you read that right. So get in your car and head on over to these 5 restaurants for your next happy hour.

Umami Burger – A famous burger chain that has locations all over the country. They offer many types of burgers and sliders, with multiple side options that will pair well with any Coedo of your choosing. With 11 locations in LA and 3 locations in Orange county, there is bound to be one near you.

Wabi Sabi – Located in Venice, Wabi Sabi is a must-try if you are a sushi lover. They have great starter options, non-sushi options, sashimi and sushi plates. Are you a local? They offer discounts to locals and even have a secret menu you can’t forget to ask about! Pair some great coedo beer with your favorite sushi and have a great time!

Wolf & Crane – Located in little Tokyo, this is a great spot to enjoy a Coedo. Created as a place for the community to get out and enjoy some cocktails, Wolf & Crane is a great atmosphere to hang out with friends. They offer great pizza options to enjoy while you enjoy a few drinks!

Great Maple – With a large, delicious menu of American cuisine to choose from, you’ll leave full and happy. With one LA location and two OC locations, this place is a must visit if you are in the area. They also have brunch everyday, what a great excuse to day drink!

The Upper West – With a constantly changing menu to satisfy everyone who walks through the door, this Santa Monica restaurant is a perfect place to bring your friends. This american cuisine themed restaurant has many menu options that pair perfectly with a Coedo.

Now that we did the searching for you and found all the restaurants that feature your favorite Japanese beer, the only question is which restaurant will you choose to go to? We will leave that up to you, cheers!