5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

email marketing

For a many businesses email marketing is a principal portion of their promotional strategy. This is evident in the vast amount of promotional emails consumers receive on a daily basis. Therefore, many of these emails go unread. Here are 5 tips to make your marketing emails more valuable to consumers.

  1. Make it easy to scan – In competing with the many other marketing emails consumers are receiving, it is important that they are able to quickly read your email. Break up your content into short paragraphs with graphics. If you want to include a long article, include a “read more” link so that your subscribers can read it at their convenience.
  1. Make it mobile friendly – With the growth of smart phone use, a large percentage of emails are being read on mobile devices. According to ReturnPath, 63% of American will either delete or close an email not optimized for mobile. Their study also showed that over half of consumers who made smartphone purchases did so in response to a marketing email. Therefore, every email you send should be mobile optimized.
  1. Make the content relevant – Utilize your newsletter service’s segmentation features. You want the content you are sending to be relevant to those reading it. Segmenting your subscribers into different groups allows you to target certain sales or promotions to certain subscribers. For example, your can email subscribers within a certain geographical region about a new store opening. In email marketing campaigns, personalized emails, such as including the subscribers name or recommendations based on their previous history, increase click-through rates by 305 and sales conversion rates by 20%. This targeted content will make subscribers more engaged and more likely to share content.
  1. Make it sharable – After creating relevant content, it is vital that subscribers can easily share that content. Add social media links so that subscribers can share promotions with their many friends and followers. Also include links to your website so that readers may view the promotion outside of their email. The sharing of this content can lead to more email subscribers and/or ultimately increased sales.
  1. Test it – Send test emails to make sure the layout looks correct on all screens. Not only does testing reveal aesthetic issues, it also makes sure the message does not filter into the spam folder.