Why your Business should Encourage Employee Social Media

Employee Social Media

Fact: a company’s social presence is eminent in establishing brand awareness in order to succeed. It’s also no secret that employers turn to social media when vetting potential new employees to get a better sense of who they will be hiring onto the team. Your new employee will be representing the company the second they sign the contract – so why not utilize their already vetted online presence to continue building upon brand awareness?

Unsure if this is the right social move for you? Here are three reasons why your business should encourage employee social media.

1. It helps build brand awareness – Whether it is an Instagram post from the monthly team happy hour or a Snapchat during a client’s event, when employees share the latest happenings from your office they are putting the business in front of a brand new audience. Their followers and friends, who otherwise may not have ever heard of you, are suddenly able to see what your business is, what the services you provide are and an inside look at what differentiates you. This type of organic brand awareness can help your business grow and establish you as a well-known name.

2. It can lead to new recruits – By putting the business in front of their followers and friends, an employee social media postings can also lead to potential new employees or interns. More than ever before potential employees are turning to their peers to find new and exciting business opportunities and because social media is a platform they are active on everyday it has become a natural recruiting source. Instead of reading a brief job description online, potential talent can instead see what a typical work day would look like on Instagram or Snapchat.

3. It creates a social media community that reflects company culture – When your employees’ share social media posts about your business, they are creating a community that reflects your overall company culture. Building this culture will ensure brand loyalty because all current clients/customers will feel secure and a part of something more than just using your services or product; potential new clients/customers will be envious of this relationship and want to join the community to be a part of something they feel they may be missing out on.

In essence, your employee social media postings turn into the face of the company more than ever before. This will give them a great sense of purpose, while helping to continue brand awareness, recruit new talent, and enable a community who are loyal to your brand.