FAQ’s: Working in Lifestyle Public Relations

lifestyle public relations agency

Working in lifestyle public relations is a rollercoaster. Every day is new and exciting, as the lifestyle industries encompass a variety of brands and services. So many people who are getting into public relations end up working in the lifestyle industry, and we get hundreds of questions from aspiring professionals wondering what life is like working at a lifestyle public relations agency. Therefore, we’ve put together this FAQ list to answer some of the most popular questions! 


Question 1: What exactly is lifestyle public relations? 

Lifestyle public relations is essentially the promotion of products or services designed to enhance your lifestyle. From hospitality to food to home products, lifestyle covers a variety of industries. A good way to think of it is to associate the brand with the type of consumer they connect with. For example, athletes are connected to Nike, and readers are connected to Barnes and Noble.


Question 2: How is lifestyle public relations different than other industries? 

Lifestyle public relations is less niche than other industries. Lifestyle brands can fit into a variety of media outlets, as they affect different areas of someone’s lifestyle. It makes it more flexible in terms of placements and in terms of how you can pitch the brand. 


Question 3: What advice do you have for someone who wants to work in lifestyle public relations? 

To start, you will need to understand the industries that operate within the lifestyle category, and understand how they work with each other. First, learn all you can about the different lifestyle publications. Then, research the current top players in the industry. You should also review and learn from successful public relations campaigns of the past. 


Question 4: How do I get into lifestyle public relations? 

First, you will need to decide if you would want to work at a lifestyle public relations agency, or in-house. At an agency, you will have a multitude of clients from varying sub-industries, whereas working in-house, you are working for one brand. Some argue that the agency work life will better provide you for a variety of learning experiences, as you have more clients which leads to more experience quickly. However, working in-house, you can truly fine-tune your expertise by focusing on one client and mastering everything about that brand. 

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