Featured Blogger: Carolyn of My Chic Obsession

Today we’re excited to be featuring Carolyn from My Chic Obsession! The blog was started for Carolyn to have fun and combine all of her favorite things: blogging, styling, photography, fashion, writing and home projects. With a style that is a mix of classic, casual, chic and simple, My Chic Obsession is the perfect place to find inspiration if you love chic fashion and home style! Make sure to follow her on Instagram for chic outfits and tips on styling! 

What are 3 pieces of clothing you can’t live without? Well, I’m always wearing my black blazer, white tee, and black suede pumps.. so that probably means I can’t live without them!

Current fashion my chic obsession? I’m loving the floral embroidery trend and all the ruffles for spring. They’re so lovely and they put you in a happy mood!

What are your go-to photo editing tools? Once I discovered VSCO and Facetune I haven’t gone back! VSCO edits my photo while still keeping them natural, and I use Facetune to whiten my photos and give them a smoother background.

Which do you prefer Instagram stories or Snapchat? Why? I prefer Instagram stories because my main audience is already there and I find it easier to keep everything in one place.

Do you have a quote or mantra you live by – if so what is it? I’m all about the inspirational quotes and it changes based on my mood, but lately I’ve been inspired by: “A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” It’s a good reminder to work hard and not give up, as cheesy as that sounds.

What is your best tip for brands who want to collaborate with you? It all starts with the initial contact. I’m impressed by personalized emails and companies that find my name on my blog and use it. If I see that you genuinely appreciate my work and our styles match up, we’ll have a good relationship!

If you could switch closets with anyone who would it be? Olivia Palermo. She is chic and classy- two things I admire and desire to be! 

Who is your biggest style inspiration? Once again Olivia Palermo. But also Marianna Hewitt and Carly Cristman for bloggers. My own style is neutrals and basics, all the while staying chic, so I’m inspired by people that have that same style. 

How do you get your work in front of brands you want to work with? I like to start by genuinely interacting with them on social media. People will start to notice if you consistently leave thoughtful, real comments!   

What is your best piece of advice on the first step inspiring fashion bloggers should take? First, recognize that if you want it to grow into something big, it will not happen overnight. Then learn how to take creative, quality photos! Fashion and social media are all about imagery and if you can produce quality content and photos, then you’re on the right path!