Featured Bloggers: Alex + Mike

This week, we are featuring Alex & Mike. They blog about lifestyle, home decor, men’s fashion and more. We also love following their Instagram where they are frequent story-posters, keeping us up-to-date on all of their new skincare finds and their SoulCycle addiction. Read on to learn more about Alex & Mike. 

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into blogging.

We started our blog 4 years ago. Alex was working in real estate and Mike was in nursing school at Drexel University. We both needed a creative outlet to help us channel some of our passions. Throughout college, where we met, friends would always ask us advice on skin care, home decor, and other lifestyle topics. We realized there might be an audience out there that would be interested in what we had to say. Plus, it was something fun we could do together!

What inspired you to blog about this topic?

We’ve always been inspired by all things lifestyle (home design, skin care, fashion, health). We both enjoy the same things in life and knew it would come together on this content.

What sets your blog apart from its similar counterparts?

We believe we found a niche in what we represent. When we first started, we realized there weren’t other people out there, especially a young gay couple, talking about these topics. We’ve been together for (almost) 6 years. There are a ton of bloggers out there that talk about fashion or food or some other lifestyle topic, but not everything. We view our blog as a lifestyle resource. We want our readers to come to us for advice and inspiration on fashion, skin care, home decor, food and lifestyle info. We also said from the beginning, we would always be relatable. In a world dominated by a curated social media feed, we wanted to keep things real. After all, we are real people talking about real things. That’s why we show everything. We never want to put out a false persona of who we are.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Relatable, Postive, Loving

Which social media platform is your favorite and why?

Instagram because this is where we can show our personalities the most. We use our story as a vlog. We take our followers with us throughout each day. We also respond to every comment and DM, which allows us to really get to know everyone who follows us.

What do you love most about blogging?

We love connecting with people from all over the world. We NEVER imagined this in a million years. When someone reaches out and says they’ve been inspired by something we’ve done, our heart is filled with so much joy. We never thought this could reach the point that it is at. We consider our followers our friends and would never know that without blogging.

Where do you see your blog going in the next 5 years?

We would love to take it full time. We both work full-time jobs on top of blogging, which can be really difficult at times. We would love to dedicate all of our time to creating amazing content and building out our blog even more.

If blogging as a profession did not exist entirely, what field would you venture into?

We would be in the jobs we are in now. Alex works in real estate and Mike is a nurse.

What are the 3 things you would take onto an isolated island with you?

If we knew we are getting off the island at some point, we would take a camera, our dog Toby (to keep us company) and water. We know, these aren’t the best answers! This questions always get us.