Five Photo Editing Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Today, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms used for promotion and gaining exposure for your brand or business. According to PR Daily, new research has shown that among social media networks, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity among U.S. adults.

Whether it’s for your personal or professional use, only posting quality content attracts potential new followers to your account. While we’d all like to keep it ‘unfiltered’ sometimes you need a little help to take your photo from good to great. With so many editing apps out there, it’s hard to know which app might be the best fit for your profile. To help you start out, here are a few suggestions that will help boost the appearance of your Instagram and add character to your photos.

VSCO Cam is a camera and photo editing app built in one, capturing high quality photos and editing with manual controls and multiple filter options. A unique feature — VSCO Cam allows you to create your own album to share with anyone else around the world that also has VSCO Cam. This can also be a new community where you can search to find inspiration on how to capture and edit a photo.

Universal and easy-to-use, Snapseed is one of the most popular editing apps on the iPhone and for good reason; This app has basic image enhancements or advanced options to get a little more creative with your edits, so it suits everyone on any skill level of photography.

Camera +
The original camera on the iPhone can take decent photos, but Camera+ was created to enhance the quality of the shots taken. With a camera and photo editing option built into it, it’s a great tool to use to snap clear photos and quickly edit them with their editing features through Lightbox within the app.

This app has features such as smoothing, detailing and patching to get rid of unwanted extras in your photo. One way we use Facetune is to whiten the backgrounds of a photo and cover any dirt marks caught in the shot. Best part – you can zoom in as close as you want to get precise coverage and have the photo still look natural.

Path On
This app was creating for creating unique text features within a photo. With Path On, you simply draw a line with your finger on where you want the text. Then, as you type in the message, the text will appear on the line you created. You can adjust the text, font and and alignment. It’s a great tool to add customizable text to your photo.