Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse

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If you’re a social media fiend (like many of us are), you might have heard of Clubhouse. Clubhouse is the latest social media app blowing up, currently only available for iPhone users. It is less than a year old, having launched in March of 2020. You might have seen it marketed as a must-have for entrepreneurs or business owners, but what is it and how do you use it? We compiled this post for you to learn all about this latest social media app frenzy:


How Do You Make an Account?

Currently, the only way to be able to make an account on Clubhouse is to secure an invite. You can obtain an invitation to join the app by signing up to their waitlist, or getting one from a friend already on the app. Users get 5 invites to share when signing up, and then periodically get more invites the more time they spend on the app. While the app is not available to Android users yet, an Android version of the app is rumored to be in development. 


How Do You Use It?

Clubhouse is part podcast, part panel. Users are able to create public and private rooms to discuss any topics they’d like, reminiscent of a group chat. Similar to a phone conversation, discussion are not being recorded and are not available after the conversation is over, adding to the exclusivity of this social media app. Moderators can control the conversation, letting people speak with the “raise hand” function. Clubhouse allows you to actively contribute to conversations, or just lay back and listen in.


What Do People Use Clubhouse For?

Clubhouse is full of entrepreneurs and business owners. However, it is also a place for people to chat about fun and casual topics. The duality of this social media platform allows for people to get help and insight into topics such as social media marketing for businesses, social discourse, and starting your own business. It also has rooms for people looking to eat healthier, comedy chats, and casual hang outs. If you’re interested in a topic, chances are Clubhouse has a room for it! The variety of topics and people available on the app make it the perfect place for social networking. 


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