Hiring the Perfect Team

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Hiring is everything. Behind any great business is a great team of employees. These are the people who represent your brand. They can make a great experience for the customer or client or lead to a bad Yelp review. What does it take to hire the right team? What are certain characteristics you are looking for? We here at BLND have put together a quick list of tips to keep in mind when assembling the perfect team.

The Right Attitude
It’s all about having a great attitude in a work environment. You can teach a person any important work skill yet you can’t teach personality. Is this person going to be pleasant to work with 20 or 40 hours a week? If so, then they will probably also have a good manner towards clients and customers.

Their Passion
A worker who is interested and passionate about their work will be more motivated and happy. Satisfied employees can equal great success. When hiring a team, make sure you hire people who represent the brand’s mission statement and share the same passion and goals. Having a common ground to work on will make a stronger team and strengthen the company goals.

Any successful team has players you can trust. When hiring a team, determine if this person looks good just on their resume or if they deliver in the interview as well. This is one of the first signs of a trustworthy teammate. If they aren’t even who they say they are on their resume, what else will they lie about? Trust and integrity are two very important characteristics to look for.

Hiring the perfect team for your business may take time, however, what is your intuition telling you? Remember these tips and you’ll have a great working team.