How Important is a Brand Mascot?

From Mickey Mouse and Mr. Clean to Ronald McDonald and the talking M&Ms, brands are able to make themselves memorable through mascots. You can’t say you don’t know what brands are being represented when you see Mr. Clean on a commercial or Ronald McDonald on a billboard. Brand mascots are what make certain brands iconic and stick out, as they increase brand identity and build connections. As a public relations agency, we at BLND work towards forming brands and strengthening their social presence. Although it may be overlooked, through our work in public relations, we have recognized that establishing a brand mascot is important and can be incredibly beneficial for your company.


What is the point?

Mascots are the storytellers of your brand. They send a message about your brand with no words. They stick with people and make your brand recognizable. With a mascot, you’re able to create a captivating business story and bring your brand to life.


Brand Identity

First and foremost, mascots are the perfect way to encompass your company’s branding. Mascots can easily reveal a business’ tone, voice, colors, mission, and vision, merely through the character’s personality, story, and appearance. Brand identity and recognition is essential in getting your business established and recognized, so consider getting creative and constructing a brand mascot when starting your company.



From television commercials to Instagram ads, mascots can appear over various platforms. With a fun and compelling story, social media can help bring your mascot to life and connect with your consumers. Consider how seeing Mickey Mouse may bring back happy memories of your trip to Disneyland, or your favorite team’s mascot produces nostalgia of fun times at sports games with your best friends. Mascots open the door right up for your audience to authentically relate to and connect with your brand.


Key for Visual Marketing

When you create your brand mascot, you’ll realize a whole new world of marketing opportunities open up. Consider Logos, commercials, print ads, illustrations, stickers, merch, and more. It’ll be a fun new adventure for your content creators, as attention grabbing visuals are key drawing in customers and gaining their interest.


Keep it Authentic

The last thing you want is your mascot to not even represent what your brand stands for. I know it may be easy to get carried away with constructing its story, but you have to make sure your mascot’s story coincides with the message you are trying to send. Consumers recognize authenticity so being cognizant will pay off in the end!


Now that you’ve hopefully learned about the importance of a brand mascot, to gain more information about building your business’ brand and story from our public relations agency, click here.