How to Be an Effective Thought Leader

public relations

Make way for a new kind of leader: thought leaders. You might be asking yourself what this new concept is. Well, lucky for you, here at our public relations agency, we have the answer you seek. 


A ‘thought leader’ is a person who is an informed individual and a go-to within their field of expertise. Thought leaders inspire, motivate and innovative ideas within others, creating bonds with friends, fans and followers.


To help you really hone in your effective thought leadership skills, we’ve carefully picked the best tips and summarized them from Denise Brosseau’s book “Are You Ready To Be A Thought Leader?” as well as “10 Powerful Ways PR Can Boost Thought Leadership Strategy” by Wendy Marx.


Find your driving passion (Denise Brosseau).

We all have many passions in our life. But finding the right kind of passion is what could be the driving force to becoming an effective thought leader.


Be Accessible (Wendy Marx).

In public relations, leave yourself open to journalists, bloggers and industry event organizers to contact you.


Conduct Surveys (Wendy Marx).

Conducting surveys as a public relations professional makes you more valuable in the eyes of journalists and bloggers. Platforms like SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo are simple and easy to use for any surveys you want to conduct.


Put your “I” on the line (Denise Brosseau).

By “putting your ‘I’ on the line”, you are showing the way for others to follow. By risking your reputation to try and show others a different, new direction of the future, you are expelling your self-imposed limitations thus becoming an effective thought leader in the face of adversity.


Time and practice is what it takes to be an effective thought leader. Thankfully, these teaser tips are a sure fire way to help you practice this type of leadership skill in your agency or everyday life.



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