How to Choose The Best Influencers for Your Brand

influencer marketing

By 2022, influencer marketing is set to be a 15 billion dollar industry. This means that influencers have a lot of power over the make or break a brand. Influencer marketing allows a brand to select an influencer to promote their product in a partnership, reaching a new audience and expanding reach. Choosing an influencer that matches your brand can seem overwhelming and difficult, as there are thousands of options at your fingertips. The good news is that there are factors to account for when choosing your niche influencers to help you speed up the process. Here are some key things to consider when selecting the right influencer.



Authenticity is everything, and Millennials and Gen Z are capable of sniffing out a seedy influencer. Therefore, choosing an influencer who is authentic is of utmost importance. If the influencer practices what they preach and does honest reviews, that’s golden. Most of the best marketing is when the influencer is selective about the products they promote, and ensures that they are on brand for them. For example, a fitness influencer promoting a new legging or their favorite protein powder seems on brand and leads to trust between the consumer and the influencer. You want an influencer that is connected with their followers and seems relatable. Steer clear of influencers who look like they did a partnership just for money – their followers will notice.


Niche Content

A brand needs to embrace its niche on social media platforms for effective influencer marketing. For example, a company like Jurlique wants to find influencers that promote skin care products, wellness, and a holistic lifestyle. These influencer should already be interested in the product you have to offer that way it blends with their current content. This niche allows you to be talking to the right people about your brand.  


Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key to effective marketing. If your influencer’s followers are not your target consumer, your campaign will fall on deaf ears. You want to find an influencer that has a similar age range to who buys your products. If your target demographic is Millennials, then look into who is following that influencer. If they have a large following of twenty to thirty-year-olds you are on the right track. Also, keep your audience in mind when choosing which platform you will use for your campaign. If your target audience is Gen Z, you may want to consider using Tik Tok influencers. If your target audience is older, you will want Facebook or YouTube. 


Now that you have the steps on influencer marketing to see who your influencers should be, learn how to use your influencers effectively here