How To Cultivate Engagement on Social Media

social media management

With over 3.8 billion users, social media platforms put your brand in front of a massive audience. Developing a social media management strategy is an essential step to gain your audience’s attention and build your brand awareness. Cultivating engagement on social media is important because it increases the visibility of your posts, boosts your credibility, and signifies that you’re hitting the right mark with your audience. These are some key ways to attract more attention to your posts and cultivate higher engagement across your social media platforms.


Respond & Interact

Engagement works both ways. Your audience will notice if you take the time to engage with them and it will lead to increased engagement and trust from your audience.


Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags help engage people who aren’t already following your  page. When used wisely, hashtags can put your brand in front of a larger audience and dramatically increase your social media engagement.


Utilize Influencers
Influencers can enrich your social media content and will lead their followers to engage with your brand and content. The best part, you aren’t responsible for presenting your brand, service, or product to their audience. Influencers will make their own content and present your brand in the best way possible. 


Post Regularly

While a bit obvious, if you’re not posting regularly, you’re less likely to get much engagement – if any. There is no definitive answer to how often you should post, but this research gives a good baseline:

  • Facebook: 1-2 times per day
  • Instagram: 1-2 times per day
  • Twitter: 5-10 times per day
  • LinkedIn: 20 times per month


Post at the Right Time

Social media analytics can give you an idea of what time to post based on when your audience is most engaged. The most optimal times to post on social media according to Sprout Social are:

  • Facebook: 11am-1pm
  • Instagram: 11am (Friday @ 10-11am)
  • Twitter: 9am
  • LinkedIn: 9-10am & 12pm

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean these are the best days and times to post for you, so be sure to check your own statistics.



Social media success starts by developing a social media management strategy. If you’re not doing so already, implement these tactics into your own strategy to create higher engagement across all your social media platforms. To learn more about growing your business with social media, click here.