How To Make Your Brand ‘Newsworthy’ – Even When There’s Nothing New

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In the public relations world, a pitch needs to be newsworthy to be picked up by the press. A product launch, change in leadership, award or event are some great newsworthy story angles to capitalize on. However, the reality is that sometimes there is just nothing new or exciting happening with your brand. When this is the case, it can be difficult to secure press to continue your general brand awareness efforts. The best public relations agency knows that sometimes, you need to get creative to generate your own news. Here are four ways to create your own news when there is none.


CEO & Team Introduction

Behind every excellent company, there is a CEO and team that makes everything come to life. This can be a time to get some highlights on you and your company itself. You can get great visibility by reaching out to outlets and getting a profile story on your company. This does not need to be at an extreme level, and it can be a local outlet that shines a light on your company in the local landscape. It is a great way for you to also show yourself as an owner proving yourself in the industry and making a solid reputation within it.


Ride Trends

Trends come and go, and sometimes a certain topic will be all over the news for a few weeks. The news focuses on what is currently relevant to the public, be it seasonal changes, viral trends or new discoveries. Be sure to watch the news and see where you can insert yourself or your company into the conversation. For example, let’s say your company is a beauty and skincare brand. During the cold winter months, a lot of individuals tend to get dry skin due to the weather. This is the time to bring a call of action to the company’s skin saving moisturizer products. You are able to capitalize on a major issue during the winter months and show how impactful the hydrating product can be for consumers and customers. 


Watch the Calendar

When looking at a calendar, see if there is any specific holiday, event, and season that your company can fit their product into. We love referencing the national day calendar to see what sorts of unique special holidays could work for our clients. If you’re a donut brand, when is National Sprinkles Day? What about National Coffee Day? These fun holidays – when used in moderation – can be a way to tie your brand back into the news based on the day. It is also smart for consumer brands to watch out for holiday gift guides and any similar seasons covered by consumer outlets.


Do Something Good

It is always a good idea to use your company or platform to make positive change in the world. If there is no news, why not take your time to do something good? A great CSR campaign can be a great way to earn some buzz for your business, while also doing something good and building exposure for a cause that you believe in. Whether it is starting a toy drive in your local community to donating a portion of your profits to a national charity, there are many ways to do good and build some buzz. 


It’s tough to secure press when there’s nothing new going on with your brand. However, the best public relations agency can find creative angles to make your brand relevant, trendy, and newsworthy. For more ideas on how to stay newsworthy as a brand, click here