How to Prevent Burnout as a PR Manager

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Not only do public relation managers have the important job of planning the creation of materials for their clients, but they are constantly on call in case anything newsworthy comes up, making it difficult to find time for self-care. Working at a PR agency requires endless amounts of energy and creativity; it is important that employees don’t experience burnout otherwise work won’t get done at its full potential.

Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion and ineffectiveness in the workplace, caused by chronic negative responses to stressful workplace conditions. Burnout can cause problems to the employee as well as the agency that they are working for. Having positive energy in PR Agencies is vital for employees to come up with new and creative content creation to best serve their clients. To keep ideas flowing, energy in the workspace needs to remain positive.  Poor management is the leading cause of burnout. To be a good PR manager, you must keep an eye out on employee behaviors that contribute to burnout as well as take responsibility to help that employee and prevent further burnout.

As a Los Angeles PR Agency, the team here at BLND PR has some tips for PR managers to implement in their company to prevent burnout in their employees so their PR agency can reach its full potential! 

What Causes Burnout?

  • Heavy workload
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of reward
  • No control
  • Toxic atmosphere 
  • Unclear job expectations

Signs of Burnout to Look Out For in Your Employees

  • Arriving to work late
  • Decreased productivity 
  • Disengagement in a previously energized employee
  • Changes in personality

How to Prevent Employee Burnout

  • Monitor the workload you are giving your employees and make sure you aren’t giving too much work for long periods. Everyone has limits. 
  • Give feedback constantly. Lack of direction leads to frustration.
  • Show appreciation. Your employees are working hard to come up with the most creative content, show them you notice their hard work!
  • Encourage employees to take their given vacation time. Breaks allow employees to come back with a fresh perspective and more ideas (which is important when working in a faced paced Los Angeles PR Agency) 
  • Increasing the flexibility available for employees. This can be made possible by allowing work from home days!
  • Changing around the office to increase productivity. Lighting, temperature, noise, seating arrangements all can make or break a productive workspace. 
  • During busy times, show you appreciate your employee’s extra hard work by bringing in lunch! Or celebrate a successful pitch by surprising them and bringing in donuts and coffee!
  • Improve team bonding and relieve stress by planning out of work social events or volunteer opportunities. 

These suggestions from our Los Angeles PR Agency will help your valued employee stay on top of their game. If you have a successful employee, you are sure to have a successful PR Agency!