How to Reach Gen Z Through Public Relations

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As a public relations agency, it’s our job to know exactly how to reach each target demographic. While so many companies still market to Millennials, it’s time to start shifting focus to include the next generation: Generation Z. Gen Zer’s are generally born between 1998 and 2014, and are defined as the first generation who’s had easy access to technology most of their lives. Despite being young, Gen Z has significant buying power: $44 billion worth, in fact. Gen Z will make up 40% of the population by 2020, meaning that brands need to learn how to reach this important demographic.

Here are our top three tips to integrate into your public relations strategy to reach Gen Z. 


Be Authentic 

The era of overly-acted advertisements and wide blanket statements is over. Consequently, Gen Z wants to support real, relatable, and socially responsible brands. To grab their attention, you need to make your business authentic. Support a cause that you believe in, find a way to make your products safe and sustainably, and positively impact the world to get Gen Z’s attention. 


Quick and Easy Content

Generation Z has an estimated average attention span of eight seconds. Therefore, if your content doesn’t explain your brand in less than that, you’ve lost them. A public relations agency should make content easy to read, meaningful, memorable content for social media and advertisements that will entice Gen Z to learn more about your brand. 


Tailor Your Social Media 

Not all platforms are created equal. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, understanding how Gen Z uses each is essential to a public relations strategy. Facebook tends to be informative, Instagram tends to be aspirational and visual, and Twitter tends to be humorous and witty. 



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