How to Spice Up Your Instagram Content

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We have all been told to post frequently and consistently on Instagram in order to increase our engagement and strengthen our social media presence. But we soon find out that this can be exhausting! After awhile, creating content can go stagnant — you feel like you’ve taken the same kind of photo or written a similar caption a hundred times, and your creativity hits a wall. We’ve gathered a handful of post ideas from our social media agency to help spice up your Instagram content. 


Ask Your Audience

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they want to see from your brand. Engaging with followers not only boosts your engagement, but it allows you to get authentic feedback so you can create your content with your audience in mind. Your followers may want to learn more about your product or more about how your company started. Utilize Instagram story’s questions and polls to collect responses from your followers. 


Create a Challenge 

Everyone loves to feel connected to the brand, so get your audience involved! Get your community involved and keep them returning to your page either daily, weekly or monthly. Brands can design a challenge that encourages their audience to post on their own profiles or stories and tag your brand or utilize a challenge hashtag. The idea of this is to form a community, one that people feel a part of and look forward to partaking in. 


Feature Your Fans

Give your customers their 5 seconds of fame and show them how much you love them by featuring them on your page. Repost photos of them using your product or share their product reviews. This will not only create an inclusive community, but will also show potential buyers how much your customers love your brand. 


Bring Them Behind the Scenes 

A lot goes into making your brand what it is — management, production, customer service, social media, etc. Showcase all of the hard work your team puts in every day in order to satisfy your customers. This will humanize your company and make your followers feel more connected to your employees and the final product. Plus, it is a fun way to highlight your work environment and even entice individuals to apply for a job! 


Create a Collab

Partner with like-minded brands to deliver something unique to your followers! Collaborations happen when two or more brands team up to create some sort of exclusive campaign. A social media agency suggests utilizing collaborations due to their many benefits. Some of these include social media growth, audience engagement, media attraction, and customer retention. As a social media tactic, collabs are one of the most cost-effective strategies for marketing your brand. 

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