How to Effectively Use Instagram Highlights

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Today, it’s no secret that being Instagram savvy is crucial to your brand’s success. Your team needs to stay on top of the latest social media tactics that can accelerate sales and grow your audience. Instagram highlights have become one of the leading social media tactics used in digital marketing to categorize and showcase what your brand has to offer. However, you want to be careful to not flood your highlights with just any old content you have lying around. In order to curate engaging highlights, they must be organized and purposeful. As a social media agency, we have selected the most engaging Instagram highlight categories for your brand to incorporate — and here they are.  

Showcase Products 

Highlights make browsing products almost too convenient! By displaying products via IG highlight, you enable customers to shop your collection at their fingertips. You could keep all your product introductions and descriptions in one highlight reel. Alternatively, you could make separate ones for each category or specific products for easy organization. IG highlights allow you to showcase what is unique and amazing about your products. 


Customers/ Reviews

We all know how important the customer experience and their reviews are to a business’s reputation and credibility. So why not make your customers feel like they are a part of your brand? Dedicate an IG highlight to your customers and show them repping your product or share their stellar reviews. This will also show new visitors how much your customers love you! 


Inside Look

Community is created through shared experience and connection. Give your customers a chance to see what life is like on the inside — share footage from events, take them behind the scenes at a photoshoot or through a day in the life of your CEO. Customers will start to develop a sense of brand loyalty when they feel like they know you on a personal level and it will keep them coming back to know more about all that goes on. 



This is your chance to show off all the extra stuff your company does. Brands can promote their Instagram marketing campaigns and business collaborations — brand partnerships, influencer takeovers, etc. through their highlights. Unlike 24 hour IG stories, highlights remain on your page so you can use them to drive traffic for as long as they’re active. 


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