Three Ways To Use Influencer Marketing On Social Media

Influencer Marketing On Social Media

Using influencer marketing on social media for brand content is one of the most powerful concepts companies can use to build exposure and awareness. For years social media companies in Los Angeles and everywhere else have used bloggers and influencers to promote their brand in order to reach their consumers and capture their interest in their content. Today’s social media companies in Los Angeles and more have been looking past mainstream traditional media and instead have been turned to using social media influencers to promote their brand — Youtube and Instagram famous bloggers are now making a huge impact and are some of the best ambassadors for a brand or business. Since using social media influencers can be a beneficial move for you, here are three strategies that will help to integrate influencers into an effective marketing plan.

1. Identify influencers and select them based on their audience.
It’s extremely important to know who your audience is before selecting influencers for the brand. Influencers are influential for a reason — they know who their audience is and what content they want to see. Go through social media and find influencers who share content that is similar to your brand and whose audience is your target demographic. Create a list of thirty to fifty influencers who will be potentially influential and then separate them based on brand content. It will be more effective and more organic if the content they are creating is in line with what they are already posting.

2. Collaborate to create engaging content
Creating viral content is not an easy task especially if there is still uncertainty of what an audience wants to see. That’s why collaborating with influencers is a great way to have them engage with your brand. Influencers have a better idea of what audiences are looking for since they are constantly in the process of creating content for them. They can help create a campaign that is easily shareable for their own followers. Plus, when they invest their creativity and ideas to create viral content, they become more emotionally invested in the brand. Influencers will want to promote and share it since they helped create the vision in order to build the brand.

3. Don’t forget to feature them
One of the easiest ways to engage with influencers on social media is sending them products to feature. Sending them free products gives them an opportunity to personally experience it and can lead to a more authentic collaboration versus if they’ve never been able to see or use the product. It also helps build a great relationship between social media companies in Los Angeles and influencers that can lead to even more collaborations in the future as they appreciate being able to share honest reviews with their followers. On the flip side, when influencers post products on their social media make sure to share the photo. Make sure you’re utilizing their high-quality content on your own social media platforms to help build your own awareness. When it is shared by both the company and the influencer, it’s a double exposure win.