Influencer Marketing: Where Are We Now?

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Social media has given the world a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to marketing and public relations. It has given users the ability to share their stories in an authentic voice and image online while sharing photos and videos with their respective audiences. As social media has continued its upward trend, it is important to understand as an influencer agency whether influencers will remain relevant for your clients. So the question remains: with influencer marketing, where are we now? Let us break it down for you. 


Is influencer marketing necessary? 

As a short answer, influencers will continue to be vital for a company’s marketing strategies. Influencer marketing has continued to rise as has social media awareness in brands. As long as this continues and companies have growing marketing budgets, there will continue to be a need for influencers. With new platforms emerging, like TikTok, it will be necessary to maintain relationships with influencers for your brand’s marketing tactics.


Which influencers should you hire?

Depending on your brand and your brand’s image, it is essential to identify influencers that match your brand. Ensure that any influencers you are reaching out to match your brand’s category, values, and overall vibe. If budget is an issue, micro-influencers  are becoming increasingly popular due to their small, but powerful, engagement. They produce more organic growth and create the impression that what they are advertising on their feed is authentic. 


Don’t go in blind – do your research. 

As an influencer agency or public relations agency looking at influencer marketing, it is critical to gain a better understanding of how it will impact a business and their brand image. Do your research and make sure that the influencer and brand align well with one another.

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