Instagram Algorithmic Feed

Look out Instagram’ers and Los Angeles Restaurant PR firms!  Instagram may soon be coming out with a new update and you’ll either love it or hate it.  This photo-centric social platform plans to adjust their timelines to show photos based on popularity and other social signals versus the current chronological order.

In 2009, Facebook adjusted their news feed by switching to an algorithm largely based on the popularity of posts, among other signals.  Twitter recently followed suit.  And now, Instagram is implementing testing of an algorithm-based personalized feed for users, placing photos and videos it thinks you want to see from people you follow towards the top of the feed, regardless of when the posts were originally shared.

What does this mean to you or Los Angeles Restaurant PR firms? You know when you’re on a five-hour plane ride and you get FOMO from all the posts you might be missing out on Instagram and then you find yourself too lazy or have too many posts to scroll through when you get off the plane?  Well, now, those posts that you missed will be filtered with the most popular updates that head straight to the top of your news feed when you log in!

Not sure how you feel about this change?  Like I said…users will either love it or hate it.  But Instagram is avoiding a quick and jarring change, starting it off with a series of small tests with a single-digit percentage of user groups prior to deciding whether to introduce the changes broadly.
Whether you are a Los Angeles Restaurant PR firm or just a fan of Instagram – what do you think?  Love it?  Or Hate it?