Instagram Update: All of The Newest Instagram Updates


New Video Features

Back at it again, another Instagram update.  Changes keep coming from one of our most used apps and this time it’s focusing on our video features.  After increasing the video length from 15 to 60 seconds a couple of weeks ago, Instagram is now making it easier to find videos worth watching via video channels.  Just like today’s Explore section shows you photos that reflect your interests, Instagram will be adding a video Explore feature that does the same.

So, for all you that missed out on Coachella, you have the ability to tune in to the special Coachella video channel for a behind-the-scenes look of all the flower crowns and craze.

Instagram Stories

Instagram has once again launched an instagram update that is about to change the game for all of us. Today, Instagram’s update included a “Stories” feature, which is almost identical to that of Snapchat.

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories are also viewable for 24 hours and allow the user to see who has viewed your story. Replying to one’s story goes to the users’ direct messages, keeping the message private. We do commend Instagram for their tactic. They saw an opportunity for innovation and tackled it. Heck, they aren’t even changing the name of the “Stories” feature, and gave Snapchat a major shoutout.

Instagram has tailored the feature to be unique to their app with this instagram update. Those with a public profile have public stories, while private stories are only visible to accepted followers. Instagram Stories makes it very easy to hide particular followers from viewing your story, and are visible on the home feed. Although there are not filters, there are more options to be creative when drawing on the image, with the input of various pen tools.

If you’re still wondering why Instagram decided to go this route when they have a perfectly great app already, we will catch you up. Instagram is a platform for users to post a “highlight reel” of their life. All of the photos are edited to a tee and make the average smartphone user look like a professional photographer. This new feature makes Instagram more dynamic; Users can now use the app for candid moments as well. With a surplus of teenagers constantly creating “finstagrams” for themselves, this next step is a natural progression.

Only time will tell the outcome of this new feature, but for now it is perfectly fine for Instagram Stories and Snapchat to cohabitate in peace. Whether or not everyday Instagram users choose to stick to what they know and keep Stories for Snapchat, it will allow both brands and celebrities to be more accessible to the public. Just like you, we intend to try it out and see where it goes.

Shop Now

Another new instagram update. It looks like the time has finally come, Instagram is said to be introducing a new Shop Now button to the application. This will make it even simpler to press the button and be lead to the web page instead of having to copy and paste in a link as we do now. This will allow for a user-friendly interaction for the accounts that will be offering items for purchase on the application.

While this sounds like a great idea to most shoppers who like the Instagram experience to be used to browse their favorite stores in a creative setting, it may also be distracting and create a harsh feel for the application. Instagram is currently known for its sleek and homey feel, where users can follow their friends and family along with their favorite celebrities, pups, and companies. Adding a Shop Now button may take away from the personalization that is Instagram and make it a less curated platform than it is now.

Whether or not the button works out, it will definitely be interesting to see its development and where it takes the application in the future.

Instagram’s Newest Video Update

Sometime in the coming weeks, Instagram will be launching a new update that shows view counts on video posts. Just like Vine and Youtube, users on Instagram will now be able to see how many hits a video gets in addition to likes.

Why It’s Important
With this instagram update, it also won’t just be about the number of views a video gets, but who has viewed your videos as well. Watch for more video-based marketing on the app in the coming months as well, as Instagram lengthens the video ad time from 30 to 60 seconds. These added features towards video on the app will ensure that Instagram stays relevant on the video front, while enticing more video based users towards the app as their main focus.

For a preview, here’s a clip of what the new views feature instagram update will be.

Breaking Away from the Square

Since we spend the majority of our off time scrolling through Instagram, we were so excited about the newest updates added to Instagram. If you haven’t had a chance to get the update yet or haven’t heard all about the newest additions, we’ve complied a list of the biggest improvements made to the Instagram app:

Uploading Photos – Finally Instagram is thinking outside of the square. Users are now able to upload photos at their original size, portrait or landscape, without having to use White-a-gram. The best part is that the picture will still appear as a square when you are looking at your full profile, making sure it looks consistent no matter the size of the image.

Editing Tools for your posts – Instagram also allows you to do more custom editing on your videos. All of the filters work on all both photos and videos. Even the intensity can be adjusted on the filters.

Direct Messaging: Photo Sharing – Sending photos within the direct messaging icon is even easier. You can send your location, hashtags, and profiles right from your Instagram feed. Up to 15 people can be added on a conversation! Not only can you reply with texts, through the direct messaging icon, but also emojis, photos from your feed and your camera.

Now you do not have to worry about downloading or paying extra money for separate apps to help you show off your photography skills. Go ahead and improve your photo skills through the phone application now! The instagram update is available now on both Android and iOS.

Instagram V2.1

For all you Instagram lovers, we have great news! Instagram v2.1 is now available in the App Store! Here’s what’s new on the updated mobile app:

Lux Feature

Can you say stunning?! In just one tap, your image will instantly come to life and bring back some of that pop to the scene. Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and bringing out details you couldn’t otherwise see before. Use it with or without a filter. Whether your photos are underexposed or lack contrast, Lux will truly transform your photos and make all the difference, you have our word on this! Generally speaking, Lux is perfect for landscapes & cityscapes.

Sierra Filter

The newest Instagram update filter Sierra makes a wonderful addition to the already beautiful filter family. With a subtle pink tone and a wonderful big border, this filter looks fantastic with most subjects – from landscapes, architecture and portraits (both pets and people) to nature macros and even #fromwhereistand photos! But take note, while Sierra can be applied to many different types of photographs, it can make scenes that lack contrast or an even exposure appear more desaturated or washed out. Take a look at these beautiful photographs that have been filtered with Sierra! They have almost of a 70s look to them, don’t you think?


Simplified and Improved Design

Instagram has also been updated with a new and simplified UI. The new UI is noticeably quicker, less cluttered, and also features a new notification system (read below!). The app’s new designer Tim Damme, who was hired in December, can be credited for most of these enhancements. The improved header and menu buttons make it easier to understand and interact with the app. And the best part, you can now edit captions in photos and videos you already posted! Those days when you had to delete and repost a photo or video when you noticed a mistake in the caption are over.

Tappable Notifications

Now when you tap on an Instagram notification in the iOS Notification Center, you’re brought directly to the relevant photo, comment or user profile page in the app. Genius!

So what are you waiting for? Check out this new and improved version for one of our favorite apps! We just can’t get enough!



Instagram’s new standalone app Hyperlapse,  takes time-lapse videos on the iPhone and iPad, and it is amazing to say the least. It feels like a mix between the six second Vines and filters on Instagram but its main feature, to speed videos up and down, adds a cool cinematic feel to everyday LA life.

<iframe src=”//” width=”500″ height=”281″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hyperlapse prompts you to record a video, after which it uses an algorithm map the motion in the clip and replays an ultra-smooth, floating-through-space type effect. You can choose the speed at which your video plays back (ranging from 1x to 12x).

The creators of the app have also fixed any playback issues that a normal videocamera might have- shaking, out-of-focus, etc. Another major bonus is that these videos can be made without an account, and can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. It’s like we are getting three apps for the price of one- free!

Insta Slideshows

Have you heard about the new instagram update? Can’t decide which selfie you want to post? Stress no more! Instagram continues to surprise us with new, exciting updates and this week they debuted slideshows. The latest feature allows us to include multiple photos in a single post.

As you scroll, the slideshow posts still appear the same as the regular ones; however, a row of dots will show to indicate how many photos are included. Instagram allows you to incorporate up to 10 pictures in your post, making it easier than ever to share all your fun adventures!

“Whether you’re creating a step-by-step tutorial, sharing the different elements of an outfit, or the best bits of a recent holiday, you can now share more than just one moment without worrying about over-posting to your feed,” said Instagram.

With the instagram update, it’s so easy to create a slideshow of your own! Go to upload like normal, then click on the new icon in the bottom right corner and simply select the photos and videos you’d like to share. To rearrange their order, just hold down the image and move it to its desired place. You can even give each content it’s own filter.

A tip: Since you can only provide one caption, have an overall theme for your post. Share the photos from your brunch date with your friends or the birthday party you just attended! The more alike the post, the better.

We can’t wait to see how everyone takes their own spin on this new feature!

Image from: Mashable