Instagram’s Question Feature: How this Can Help Brands

Instagram is back with another game changing update, question stickers! This addition is an informal and fun way for users to interact with one another, with Instagram stating the new feature is “a way to start conversations during moments when you don’t necessarily have a photo or video to share.”


First things first, how do you use it? The question sticker can be added to any users story photo or video– it is found in the sticker tab, similar to any other sticker. After placing an “ask me anything” sticker onto a story, followers can submit a question by simply tapping the sticker in the Instagram story and typing in a response in the “Type Something” box. You can then see your audience’s questions and post responses to each question on your story. While you can see who asked the questions, the username is not tagged in the response story.


Overall, the new feature has a lot of potential for brands, allowing consumers to ask questions and get more information. Here are some ways Instagram’s new question feature can help brands:


Direct feedback from consumers-

The new feature is a proactive way for brands to gain insight on the target audience’s attitudes towards a product, content or service. By having consumers ask questions directly to the brands, it gives companies a better understanding of their target audience’s opinions.


Potential for collaboration with influencers-

The new question sticker on Instagram holds so much opportunity for collaboration between brands and influencers. Companies can invite relevant influencers onto the brand’s account to ask questions and interact with followers. This mutually benefiting “Instagram takeover” encourages interaction and has the potential to expand an audience.  


Closer interaction for brands-

With the questions feature, it gives brands the platform to receive questions they have always wanted to receive from their consumers. Companies will get honest inquiries as the audience is using a familiar platform to ask questions. This not only enhances the overall brand image, but cultivates an open conversation in a way that has never been done before.   


Continuous production of content-

Instagram commented that this feature with allow users to start conversations without actually creating a new video or photo. Brands can continue posting and engaging on Instagram even when there is no new content or ideas to share. The question feature will keep a continuous conversation between brands and consumers.


Digital storytelling guided by consumers-

Documenting stories in a visual way through Instagram stories makes brands appear more approachable. The question feature can be used to enhance digital storytelling by giving consumers the option to guide the narrative of the story.