Is PR The Right Career For You?

Los Angeles PR agency

As a career, public relations is a dynamic and rewarding field that will challenge any professional and keep them on their toes. Many people when getting started in PR are instantly hooked by the creativity involved and the fast-paced exciting nature of the industry. However, if you’ve encountered the industry, you might have asked yourself, “Is public relations the right career for me?”. Take it from this Los Angeles PR agency: we’ve all asked ourselves that same question! When thinking about a career in PR, here are some things to consider before diving in. 


You Love Writing

If you love writing, chances are that public relations is a good fit for you. PR professionals engage in writing almost every single day, whether that be drafting press releases, generating captions for social media posts, or creating blog posts geared towards a target audience. In general, PR writing tends to be pretty simple and to the point, but there is also space for storytelling in the discipline. However, even if you aren’t the best writer, public relations provides space for growth of your writing skills. 


You Love Multitasking

Public relations is a fast moving job, and there is always something to do! If you get bored easily or like working on multiple things at once, consider working at an agency. Multiple clients and projects mean that there will always be several things to do in a day, as well as no “typical” days. New things happen every day, which means there is no room for work to feel dull or not engaging! 


You Love Forming Relationships

If you love forming relationships with other people, public relations is a great field to go in. PR is all about forming mutually beneficial relationships between your client and their audience, or even forming relationships with brand influencers. Forming relationships with journalists also is something that PR practitioners consider a part of their jobs. By creating and maintaining all of these relationships, you can help drive forward the interests of all parties involved. Networking is always essential in PR!


You Love Social Media

More and more often, public relations professionals need to know the ins and outs of social media. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook – the scope of social media sites is large and allows space for creativity in a visual format. Social media is where strategy and creativity collide to provide the best results for your client. Here at this Los Angeles PR agency, we LOVE social media. Social media allows us to communicate directly with our audiences and interact with them in a genuine manner.

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