Landing Your Dream PR Job: The Research

Researching for your future dream job in the public relations world can be hard and a little daunting. There are so many different and unique lifestyle public relations agencies in Downtown Los Angeles to choose from that it’s hard to pick just one to apply for.

The best way to start your research for your future dream lifestyle public relations job is by first thinking about what your interests are within that field. Finding an agency that specializes in lifestyle is nice because they work on a number of things. For example, food, drinks, fitness, travel, pet supplies, home decor, beauty products, and basically everything in between.

What’s great about a lifestyle public relations agency is that there are so many things to choose from! However, finding the right agency that fits you is the challenging part.


Start with a Google Search

A great way to try and narrow down your search for a good agency is by simply typing, “Top Public Relation Agencies in (insert the city you live in)”. The search engine can help with giving you lists of agencies in your area. A perfect example is by a website called Expertise that ranked 20 Best Los Angeles PR Firms in 2020. It’s website allows you to read a brief description of each firm while also giving you a link to their website, social media, and phone.

Once you’ve found a list of the agencies you’re interested in, it’s good to create an excel sheet of the agencies information. This helps organize all of the potential agencies you want to apply for.


Connect with industry professionals

It’s always a good idea to connect with the agencies of choice on social media like LinkedIn or Instagram. Not only are you able to keep up with their posts and information but it also shows the agency your interest in them. 


Choose your favorites

The last part of researching your dream PR Job is by sifting through the different agency websites. It can be a little strange if you aren’t used to going through these agency websites. When going through agency websites, read up on the agencies’ clients, case studies, and ‘about’ sections of the website. By looking through and seeing their clients, you can get a sense of who they represent. An agencies ‘case studies’ section is a great way to understand what they did or do to get their name out to the public. Reading up on their ‘about’ section can also help you understand who the people are that run and work in the agency. See? Researching your dream PR job isn’t so scary once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Soon, you will be an expert at researching agencies and get that dream PR job!

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