Make Your Next Presentation More Effective: Tips From A Los Angeles Public Relations Agency

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When it comes to presentations, there is a clear division between public relations professionals. Those who enjoy making presentations and the ones who are not big fans of them. No matter how you feel about presentations, we rely heavily on them in the public relations field. Whether we want to present our objectives to a new client or conduct campaign wrap-up reports, presentations allow us to share our information in a successful and captivating manner. As a Los Angeles public relations agency, here are our recommendations on how you can make your next presentation more impactful. 

Start Strong: The Beginning Has The Most Impact.

When starting your presentation, you want to make sure you start strong. Many of us tend to focus so much on the bulk of information we want to share that we often forget how we will begin our presentation. Make sure you start strong, whether that means you want to open the presentation with an impactful question or by telling a story. You want to make sure you start off with something that will most likely make your audience engage or remember something clever you said. Those first few minutes are crucial, and you want to ensure you hook your audience immediately. Try your best not to spend too much time introducing yourself. Keep it short and straightforward, and get straight to the beginning of your presentation. 


Keep it Simple: Make Sure Your Slideshow is Not Overwhelming. 

About 50 percent of the presentation will focus on the speaker, and the other half will be on the slideshow. If your slideshow has heavy blocks of text, your audience will focus on trying to read everything on the slideshow rather than keeping their attention on you. It is essential to not have all your thoughts on a slideshow. Instead, make sure you have only the vital information on your slides. Data, analytics, and quick facts are essential information you want your audience to draw back to, so they should be your primary focus on the slides. Regarding second thoughts, add those as you speak to your audience. One of the best ways to ensure your presentation is not overwhelming is by using the 10-20-30 rule. 

  • No more than 10 slides for your slideshow presentation
  • Make sure not to go entirely over 20 minutes (unless your presentation requires you to)
  • Have your font size at 30 point since it makes it easier for your audience to follow

Body Language And Eye Contact Matter!

As expressed by Business Insider, the best way to seem more professional and confident with your audience is by having proper body language and eye contact. Make sure you look natural and professional, which is why it is suggested that you do not have crossed arms or hands in your pockets if you are standing. You can make open and confident gestures, allowing you to feel relaxed and confident. Also, if you have a slideshow or other assets, try not to keep your eyes locked on them. You want to make eye contact with your audience. It allows you to feel more comfortable with your audience and requires you to connect with them and vice versa. 


Presentations will always be the best way to share a collection of information with your desired audience. It is the best way to feel confident with your findings and allows you to connect with your audience. They are the perfect tool, and they hold value which is why it is essential to have effective presentations. 

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