Marketing Around Food and Drink Holidays

Food and Drink Holidays

There’s not better union in marketing than utilizing holidays with food and drink products. In order to maximize marketing with these products, we at BLND have found to first be unique, second become committed, and lastly stay ahead of the trend. Holidays are always fun and exciting, but it is important to remember that your audience will need to be dazzled by a unique take on holiday classics.

In order to stay unique from the rest of the holiday food and drink options innovation is key. Seeing as there are only so many takes on a pumpkin for the Halloween season, we suggest taking the healthy route and staying away from sugary pumpkin treats. This simple change can not only give a fresh take on the use of pumpkin, but also set you apart from a majority of competitors. Utilizing the healthier option for any holiday foods can draw a wide-range demographic, and give the right unique edge over competitors.

Staying committed is also an essential marketing tool for maximizing holiday food and drinks. Giving the full holiday experience is crucial, and can only be achieved by expanding horizons of featured holiday items. An easy, but efficient way is to pair the holiday item with an already popular item on the menu, or to change the popular item to fit the featured holiday. We see time and time again how food and drink items can be simply transformed into a holiday favorite by a quick ingredient change. We love to see holiday creations that derive from something already spectacular and known.

Remaining ahead of the trend is a fundamental marketing tip, and remains true for holiday food and drink items. Giving your audience a modern take can keep holiday classics relevant and popular. We love how Starbucks has taken their already popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, and revolutionized it by simply using real pumpkin in their recipe. This perfectly exemplifies staying ahead of the trend and giving your audience a fresh take on a holiday classic.

Whether it is creating something new or updating what is popular, creating a memorable food or drink option can easily be achieved by keeping our tips in mind.