Meet the Team: Devynne

Say hello to Devynne, our new Spring Intern from Palm Desert.

Hometown: Palm Desert, CA

3 words to describe you: Shy, Ambitious, Compassionate

Coffee style: Vanilla lattes for me!

Most-used Emoji: 💕

If you could only eat one thing… what would it be? Pasta for sure

What inspires you? My family and friends who are constantly trying to be the best version of themselves 🙂

Spend a day in someone else’s shoes: Lady Gaga, because she is brilliant, talented, kind, and overall a total queen.

Surprise us! I don’t eat red meat – not because I’m vegetarian, but because I just hate the taste.

Top Travel Destinations: Paris, New York, and Rome

Best advice you’ve ever been given: You only truly “fail” when you give up.

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