Meet the Team: Allyson

Meet Allyson from Columbia, South Carolina

Three words to describe you: ambitious, fierce, outgoing

Coffee style: 25% Light Roast Coffee + 75% Creamer


Girl crush: Taylor Swift + Selena Gomez

What inspires you: People who make their dreams come true (Shoutout to my main man, Walt Disney)


Go-to way to destress: Work out (or eat pizza…) and talk about life with my bff

My perfect day includes: Pretty weather, yummy food, fruity wine, beautiful views and best friends


Word you can’t stand: “Fine” “K.”

Wardrobe must-have: Leather leggings, booties, suede skirt, hot pink blouse

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Owning my own business, continuing to push the boundaries of life, and surrounded by family & friends

I wish the world had more: happy people + zero-calorie chocolate

Social media accounts you love to follow: @cosmopolitan @michelleckeys @people @blndpr

Artists you are currently listening to: Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, Daya


What song would you Carpool Karaoke: We Are Never, EVER Getting Back Together

What has BLND done for you so far: BLND has taught me that you should (and can!) love and have fun in your job because that is the breeding ground for the most productivity & to be confident in my ideas and style.