Meet the Team: Callen

Name: Callen Hamilton

Hometown: Austin, TX

3 Words To Describe You: sarcastic, loyal, sassy

Coffee Style: not a coffee person but I love green tea!

Girl Crush: Julianne Hough

What Inspires You: Seeing people be passionate about the things they love

Go-To Way To De-stress: TV, ice cream, and a facemask because #selfcare

My Perfect Day Is: Sleeping in, eating brunch with friends, and going to the lake

Wardrobe Must-Have: blue jean jacket

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years: Doing something that makes a difference and empowers others, the rest is up in the air 🙂

I Wish The World Had More: Empathy

Social Media Accounts You Love To Follow: @amberfillerup @taza @3.1415926535897932384626433832 @overheardla

What Artists Are You Currently Listening To: Miley Cyrus (bc Malibu, duh), Chance the Rapper, Kings Kaleidoscope, NEEDTOBREATHE

What Has BLND Done For You So Far: BLND has given me a hands on understanding of everything I’ve been learning about in my classes. I’m seeing all the ins and outs of creating media lists, pitching for clients and running social media platforms.



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