Meet the Team: Kaelyn

Meet Kaelyn our social media and PR intern for Fall!
Hometown? Valencia, CA (otherwise known as where Six Flags is)
3 Words to Describe You? Easy-going, creative, and adventurous

Coffee Style? Iced with a splash of almond milk
Go to Way to Destress? Find me going on a run or doing something active with my earphones in and music turned up.

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow? @meganbatoon, @barstoolsports, @the_salty_blonde, and @toneitup
What Inspires You? I love hearing people’s stories of what they aspire to be, how that dream became of, and seeing them set out to do it.
My Perfect Day Is? Starting with a morning hike, then a beach day with friends, and ending up at In-n-Out on the way home
Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years? Hopefully, living somewhere near the beach with a happy family and solid career in PR!

First concert you ever went to? Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus, 10 year old me was living the best of both worlds!

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