Millennial Social Media Trends Growing in 2017

Millennial Social Media Trends

Millennials have all the power – purchasing power, that is. Just last year, they surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest living generation. With this in mind, marketers have been paying close attention to their social media habits. Millennials are attracted to aesthetics – if it looks good, they’ll purchase. A recent article from PR Daily references new data from LendEDU that shows that 52.9 percent of millennials say that Instagram has the most influence for them when making shopping decisions. Keep reading to find out the newest visual trends Millennials are sporting on social.

Millennial Pink – Maybe you’ve seen it, sipped it or worn it – or maybe you just didn’t realize that this certain shade of pink is right under your nose. Coffee shops, influencers and fashion brands especially enjoy incorporating the color. Many describe it as a “less pretty pink,” even considering it more of a neutral color between pink and beige. Pantone may have been onto something naming ‘pale dogwood’ as one of its colors for spring 2017. Regardless of how the trend started, Millennial pink is here, and most likely here to stay.

Creative Type – The less text, the better. Millennials are less likely to scroll past a post if the message is visually appealing. For simple typography, use large type for legibility and hand lettering to add personality. Too boring? Try spelling out your message in balloons, neon signs or sprinkles.

Unicorn Everything – Brands are getting creative with the unicorn trend. Unicorn food, clothing and cosmetics are just a few of the products consumers are getting behind. Instagram feeds are flooded with pool floats, colorful confetti and bright elements that nod to the whimsical nature of unicorns. Some believe the trend started ever since Millennials looked to the 90s for fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration (Lisa Frank, anyone?). The key is incorporating the trend into visual elements on social media and simply having fun with it.

Need a background? Find a Wall – For an instant background with pizazz, find a mural or wall to shoot models or products. Cities across the country have implemented colorful walls on their restaurants, stores and more because of the foot traffic these Instagram-worthy locations will gain. Follow @walltraveled for photogenic walls galore that are bound to be in your neck of the woods.

Featured Image by: @momjeansandmimosas