Office Gift Exchange Ideas

Office holiday parties are the perfect way for you and your co-workers to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate together. A great way to get everyone involved with the party is to have an office-wide gift exchange! A gift exchange is a fun way to give each other presents, without the pressure of deciding what to get everyone individually. Here are our top favorite gift exchange ideas to try out at your office holiday party!

Secret Santa – This oldie but goodie is an all-around favorite! While we’re sure you’ve probably participated in Secret Santa before here is a little refresher on how it works. Every employee gets anonymously assigned another co-worker to buy a gift for and becomes their Secret Santa. This gift exchange is perfect for getting all the co-workers involved and excited leading up to the office party!

White Elephant – White elephant is the perfect gift exchange for offices with a good sense of humor. It works by having each employee bring one wrapped gift and from there they’ll take turns selecting presents. This fun and sometimes competitive gift exchange, since you can steal the previous person’s gift, always involves unique or funny gifts that bring a little humor to your party.

Charity Exchange – If your employees are looking to spread some holiday cheer to those outside of the office, a charity exchange can do just that. Instead of giving each other presents you don’t really need try having everyone write down their name and their favorite charity and put all the names in the hat. Everyone picks a different name and donates a small amount in that person’s name. Charity exchanges help create an atmosphere of gratitude and generosity in the office all season long.