Online Tools To Make Working From Home Easier

working from home

For many of us, working from home has become the new norm. While remote work may be convenient and nice at times, it also presents us with a number of new obstacles. Staying connected, on task and motivated have become increasingly difficult as we continue to work from home. However, with many of us unsure when we will return to the office, it becomes important that we minimize the challenges associated with remote work. Luckily, here at BLND, we’ve put together a few online tools that your business can utilize while working from home.



Say goodbye to all your remote communication challenges. Slack makes it easy to communicate with all your team members in both individual and group chats. You can even organize chats by subject and integrate other channels such as Trello. Real-time collaboration and communication will ensure that your team is all on the same page.


Google Suite

When it comes to working from home, Google Suite is a lifesaver. All of your word documents, spreadsheets, photos and slideshows can be uploaded and saved to one place that all of your team members can have access to. This will save you tons of time and effort with organization and logistical obstacles. 



One of the biggest challenges of working from home is staying on track. Luckily, Trello makes this process a little easier by allowing you to create tasks that can be organized by due date and subject. You can even assign specific team members to each task and add any special instructions you may have. This will not only help your team stay on task but also ensure that everyone is remaining goal-oriented while working from home. 



Reaching out to each and every team member to plan a meeting around all of their schedules can be a logistical mess. Luckily, Doodle makes planning a breeze by allowing you to create polls and questionnaires that your team members can all vote on. This can also be a helpful tool for receiving feedback so you can evaluate what’s working best for your team and make any necessary adjustments. 



Calling all creatives! Canva is the perfect platform to share designs, templates and graphics all in one place. Best part is–it’s user friendly and doesn’t require digital art experience to use. This will ensure that all your team members will be able to access and edit any graphic and creative material. 


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