Our 5 Favorite Social Media Agency Tools

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As a social media agency, we spend a great deal of time curating, scheduling, and engaging with content on social media. While we love social media, it’s not always fun to spend hours upon hours a day staring at a screen. This is where social media tools and programs come in; they help make our lives easier and allow us to increase our own productivity throughout the day. Here are 5 of our favorite social media tools, directly from a social media agency:



By now, everyone knows what Canva is; a graphic design website that provides users with a variety of customizable templates and tools to create the content of your dreams! Their variance in free and paid plan options are what allows teams of any size access to their tools. Free accounts can still use thousands of customizable templates, fonts, photos, and so much more! Canva allows anyone to easily create beautifully designed graphics and content aligning with a brand’s identity, which is why we love it so much.



Every social media agency knows you need a good scheduling tool to keep all your content organized. Our agency uses Gain to organize and schedule our content calendars for both ourselves and our clients. We love the quick access for clients, which allows them to provide feedback and approve content at the click of a button!



With social media management comes curating a specific look and feel for your brand. Something that most people never even consider is links. There is nothing that looks more ugly than a long, complicated link in a bio or post. That’s why we love Bitly’s ability to condense links from their original format to a short one that you can customize! It even allows you to track real-time analytics and the performance of your custom links – a must for any social media agency!



Another link-y tool we love to use is Linktree. Linktree allows you to compile all relevant links under one Linktree, which you can easily incorporate into your Instagram or TikTok bio to allow for easier access. Many companies don’t even realize posting un-clickable links to their captions result in a hard time accessing for their audience! Linktree promises to solve this problem.



Not everyone is a Photoshop and Lightroom pro. For this reason, we love Afterlight’s easy user interface, which allows anyone to easily make quick edits on images! Get rid of blemishes, lighten images, adjust the saturation, utilize curves, this app has it all and more!


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